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Do the animals have it better than we humans?

Asked by Yellowdog (11341points) November 5th, 2019

I watch the birds hopping and flying about. They may not think complex thoughts, as we humans ponder, reflect, and appreciate things. But they don’t struggle with life the way we humans do.

Everything they need is right there in nature. And they have a certain freedom which humans don’t have. For the creatures they are, they have, and are, all they need.

On the other hand, we humans aspire, dream, innovate, ponder, reflect, have preferences—maybe appreciate the thought patterns, personalities, quirks of others.

So, who has it better? Humans or the other animals we share the space with?

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Crows are very intelligent.

Overall, I don’t think they do. Their lives are much more fraught with danger than ours are. Plus, you know, they put their little deer lips to the nice, cool water and BAM!!!!!!

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How many children do you think get killed and eaten every year?

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Tell that to the half eaten rabbit in my yard.

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Consider the wildebeest, it’s only function in life is to look ugly & wait to be eaten by lions/hyenas/crocs.
They don’t even get to take antidepressants or watch footy or wear denim.

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And when they’re sick and hurting you can’t explain to them that it’s only temporary and they’ll feel better soon.

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There is often the continual search for food and the struggle against predators. I think their life is harder though perhaps that’s not true for the companion animals.

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Now I’m kinda depressed reading your answers.

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I read that apex African predators sleep about 10–15 hours a day, whereas their prey can only sleep about 10–15 minutes per 24 hours.

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That makes me an apex African predator!

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If an animal in the yard gets an injury, they’re going to be weak and slow and get eaten by a predator, or maybe starve to death if they can’t get food. That to me doesn’t sound like it’s better than a human’s life.

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I guess you’ll already be fast asleep before I’m done crafting this response, but I think that might make you an apex American predator.

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Animals might have it better if there were no humans.

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I wanna give you a thumbs up but I can’t @ Brian1946, so you can have this ♧....oh no! It looks like I’m flipping you off! I’m not!

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I think yeah, some not all animals have it better. Ignorance is bliss.

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Some animals. Rats , pigeons and cockroaches benefit mightily from people.

But I strongly dispute the notion of an idyllic existence for those birds “hopping and flying about.” The guaranteed thing you will find that those animals share with us is that if you examine the existence of any individual, you must conclude that their life (like your own) is a struggle. It is a struggle with but one certainty we all share. The grass may look greener, but who of us here believe we might be content eating it?

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Most wild animals don’t have it better.
House pets do (unless they’re abused). Except you still can’t ‘splain things to them.

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I don’t think so.

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Show me an animal with a library card.

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I’m unaware of any other animal that can build a fire in the fireplace, put on slippers and listen to blues or Lady Gaga on Sonos speakers with Glenlivet 15 on the rocks while a pretty woman rubs his back after a tough round of golf with his buddies who make him laugh constantly.

Answer- no

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The majority of well treated pets have it way better than most humans. They literally have everything served to them on a silver platter and go through life in a carefree way. Not criticizing just observing. I spin around like a typhoon trying to get things done and my two doggies just lie comfortably on the sofa watching me in amazement!

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Animals have rougher circumstances, but they live in the moment. Most don’t anticipate, regret, or seek fairness. They don’t suffer emotional stress much unless they are being stalked or attacked.

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Animals have little in the way of consciousness or abstract reasoning. Most would not recognize themselves in a mirror. As @Patty_Melt points out, they live in the moment. They may not feel the depth of pain that humans experience, but that seems to be small compensation for their highly limited world view.

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