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Silverback Gorilla Vs a Lion, who wins, and why?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) April 23rd, 2010

These animals would probably never fight in nature, and if they met, I’m sure they’d just avoid each other. But lets say hypothetically they were in a cage match to the death, who would win?

Both are full grown male animals. This question was sparked from a friend who told me a lion would totally own a gorilla, but I told him from the sheer power the gorilla has, and his ability to maneuver during the fight better, he would win.

So what do you think? And why?

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Lions are pussies :)

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Also, I think Gorillas are a much smarter animal.

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gorillas ares so fucking big and strong and they can be so mean, gorilla wins every time. he would pick the lion up and slam it. no chance for the feline. none! zip!

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@Chongalicious Agreed. It’s all about opposable thumbs. and the ridiculous strength

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Gorillas are very peaceful primates. It’s the chimpanzees who will gladly rip your arms off your torso, and they are strong enough to do it, too.

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I say Gorilla, he would grab that lion and break him in half

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Strength and Strategy. Lion hasn’t got a chance.

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For those of you who need some help imagining the situation HAHAHAHAHA

OMG…hilarious. pleeeease watch right til the end

I think the gorilla has it in the bag and yes I know the video is of a leopard

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Oh gawd, this is something out of that show called Extreme Animals or something where they pick two creatures and then match them out. Also, I think there was an episode of the Transformers Beast Wars like this. Hello, youtube!

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@j0ey haha yeah I’ve seen that before. Total ownage.

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“Gorillas are very peaceful primates.”
Generally maybe, but this happened three years ago in a zoo close to my hometown.

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@rebbel woaaah. ps. not a funny article but this part “I saw the beast running through the park….” did make me chuckle.

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I think it’s impossible to predict. Fast cat, slow ape, or, the opposite.

Like anything, depends on the two individuals involved.

Gorilla may grab the lion, but if the lion sinks it’s teeth into the Gorillas jugular..well…

There is no way to ascertain this situation, and…it might have to be replicated at least a dozen times to gather an ‘average’ database.

Kleenex boxes can kill if they are propelled at ones head at hyperspeed. lol

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For the woman for sure it wasn’t funny, but believe me, it was the subject of many a joke those days.
The woman was a daily visitor of the zoo (and of Bokito) and she thought she and him had something special going on.
She thought she knew how to interpret his mimics and stuff and also communicated back to him.
That day she wasn’t in Bokito’s vicinity, but he jumped over a moat and went looking for her in the zoo.
He found her.
I think she spent more then one year in hospital.

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I survived an old western ‘drag’ hung up in the stirrup of a horse.

I’m lucky to be alive after being drug over rocks at about 35–40 mph.

Of course I was much younger then, only a dislocated shoulder from the boulders. lol

1200 lb. horse vs. 117 lb. woman.

Woman triumphs!

Actually that was a minor moment in my wild horse days. lol

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@rebbel that is WILD. fascinating. wow.

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Silverback will win over lion.

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Okay, okay. I’ve been thinking about this intensely for the past half hour or so. If we’re talking about full-grown males here, the main thing is weight. Now, I thought the gorilla would win this category without a doubt, but apparently while they heaviest gorillas are a little over 400lbs, lions can reach over 500lb. So, it’s not necessarily just about clawing and biting the gorilla to death. Crushing and breaking is a possibility.

The tiger’s weight, strength, agility, long fangs and strictly predator instincts—it’s very possible the tiger might win over the gorilla. It’s not like the apes use kungfu. They do a lot of bashing and biting but that’s about it. An especially intelligent and playful gorilla might have tricks up its sleeve but nothing to rely upon.

Finally coming to this conclusion, I feel I can sleep well tonight.

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@zophu Good answer….although I think you will find gorilla’s do use kungfu LOL

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God..the brainiac dna….astounding! lol

Talk about divergent thinking!

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It is often, ‘mite vs. might’

I had this little bantam rooster once named ‘ugly Ernie’ he ninja kicked me in the face one morning when I opened the coop.

I had a knot on my forehead for months…evil he was.

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@Coloma I hate when that happens!

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We could do a SNL skit. haha

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@Coloma Hey yeah, that would be some low-lite fun! you funny!

have you ever eaten Greek Gods yogurt, fig flavored?
well, you just must! it is sooopurb!

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Oooh..I will look for it.
I am hooked on Yoplait whipped key lime. OMG! lol

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@zophu Gorillas actually can get up to 500lbs as well, so the weight is about equal. Also, I think I read somewhere about a Gorillas bones being about 12 times more dense than human bones. I think Gorillas are also about 12–20 times stronger than humans. The biting force of a Gorilla is also one of the strongest bites in nature. The only chance a lion would have at beating a gorilla, is if he was fast enough to get a lethal bite in on the gorilla’s neck.

And it’s not just bashing the gorilla is going to do, a gorilla has a lot of strength, and could probably break any of the bones in a lion’s body, including his jaw being torn off.

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Its been said that Neanderthal man was strong enough to go head to head with a lion and rip its head off. Of course their bones were about 5 times thicker than ours (give or take a few thickness multiplications – a picture would suffice if it were easy to find). I think its really a fair match. Winning factors would be: surprise and superior strategy, and I think both animals are potentially capable at besting the other in those categories.

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But what if the lion was packing a gun?

jo-king, of the jungle!

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@OneMoreMinute actually the tiger is the king of the jungle. The lion I suppose can be the king of the savannah though.

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Um. Lions are bigger than gorillas. According to Wikipedia, by 100 lbs.

They also have sharp, huge claws and teeth.

There is no damn way the ape is going to win, King Kong movies notwithstanding.

A chimpanzee with a spear, maybe.

To wit: you could probably not beat up a panther (without tools), and panthers are smaller than you.

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Alright @RandomMrdan you have 3 years to obtain and train your gorilla. I will meet you with my lion on the highest plane of Mount Vesuvius at dawn. We’ll settle this this.

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We should probably take the environment into account.

On an open plain, the lion would DEFINITELY win. Getting a running jump on the gorilla would be decisive (momentum = mass times velocity).

In an area with trees that the gorilla could climb, the match would be closer. But I’m pretty sure lions can climb trees too (tigers can). Gorilla would have more experience doing so, though.

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I give the edge to the lion. When that guy gets a good head of steam there’s not a lot that will stop him. The gorilla gets in some good licks but I think the lion wins out in the end.

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I just read up on Wikipedia on Silverbacks, herbivore and foliageophore.
Carnivore male lion, Panthera Leo lions are kinda lazy. It’s more often that the females will hunt large mammels in packs. They also raise the cubs and do the dishes and laundry and drive the cubs to soccer. The mane on the male overheats his tiny little heart, so he can’t run as far or as long.
So if the fight would change to a silverback and a pride of female lionesses, all my money goes to the kitties!!!

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Still another factor to consider is that the male lion would probably have more “training” in battle; I believe male lions fight more and more viciously than male gorillas, which are more communal.

Any two male lions meet each other in nature, and they’re going to try to kill each other, and then kill the other male’s kids to boot.

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Oh, and @RandomMrdan no weapons. My cat doesn’t have hands. So not fair.


@dpworkin a chimp wouldn’t be able to do that to me.

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I actually think the lion would win. They’re just as big as gorillas and they are faster and more agile than the gorilla. Plus, they are predators, so the lion would use more technique than brute force. I don’t think a gorilla would be able to keep up with a lion. That lion would be clawing the shit out of the gorilla and the gorilla wouldn’t even know where it’s coming from.

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I hate to be all primate-centric but I’m voting for my kin.

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@zophu I’m coming up on two years of training! He can wield a sword and a shield quite well!

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The video of a lion vs. gorilla fight is a clear fake. It’s a man-made fight. Lions outweigh gorillas and are much faster. As predators, they have instincts developed for fighting and killing large prey like cape buffalo, hippos and giraffe which substantially outweigh them. Watching these two male lions fight for control of a harem of females, I’d say the lion would win most confrontations.

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a lion would destroy a gorilla , lions take down prey much larger than a gorilla , like nile crocodiles and buffulo . while silverback gorillas get eaten by leopards daily . the lion would win this fight easily

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