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"Identity is fluid", do you agree? If so, why?

Asked by kathylammmm (60points) November 7th, 2019

There has been a controversy over the word “identity” that whether it is being created or given by a person him/herself. Someone argues that the identity of oneself could be changed or transformed throughout times, people can own several identities throughout their lives. Also, does one’s identity really represent his/her true self or characteristics?

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I think identity depends on what you feel belongs to that place or culture…

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One can think of oneself in any way they choose and can change the way they think about it at any time.
That is no guarantee that others will agree with it.

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Identity, I feel, is a mere concept made up by the ego(ic) mind.

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Identity on one hand is very static like a drivers license or voter ID card. Who you might think I am is a whole other very fluid set of rules subject to my mood.

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If you want to be suave and smooth, but have a jack-ass name like Archie Leech, you’d be better off changing it to Cary Grant.

If you are a black keyboardist named John Redd in the 1940’s, and don’t want to deal with racism, discrimination, and segragation, you put on a turban, say you’re from India, and rename yourself Korla Pandit

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@filmfann Wow. That is fascinating. Now I want to watch the documentary.

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I have no clue what my identity is & intend to keep it that way forever…I just love surprises.

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Yes, I agree, because I’ve seen my ego constructions and done work on them. And I’ve tuned into my conscious self and know it is not the same thing. And I have modified my own identity. And I’ve seen many others do their own versions of this. And “people change”.

Identity is NOT the same thing as a person’s true self or nature.

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I believe certain aspects of a person’s identity are mutable, yes, because I have changed them myself. I believe other aspects can never change, try as a person might to do so (and I have tried and failed).

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I’m not aware of a controversy regarding the meaning of the word.

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Identity like the weather is transitory. But people are distinguished in the overall aggregate of their characteristics as places are for their climates. Both will have the reputations they’ve earned.

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I think ‘identity’ involves both the parts of given by the person himself and created/ shaped by external environment.

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I agree its fluid, too many people live lies per societys dictates, and as they grow, they change. Maybe its courage, maybe they just get more in touch with themselves as they age.

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