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Guys, are you aware that it is Movember, male cancers awareness month?

Asked by rebbel (30750points) 2 months ago

(And anxiety issues and male suicide.)
But I want to focus on the testicular cancer and prostate cancer.
Have you had yourself checked on these (you can self check the testicles, and when in doubt visit your doctor).
See this as an encouragement to read into it.
I had both checked this year and I’m good to go.
Be alert, guys!

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Yes of course I’m aware.
I’ve not shaved for 10 days now in honour of movember & I check out my balls frequently.

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I had an annual PSA test as part of my blood work earlier this year. My older brother had a prostate cancer diagnosis this past spring, Xray therapy was successful. We are all well aware of it.

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Bleh! I hate that word! I didn’t need to know that but thanks! It’s the thought that counts.

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And for those of us dudes 50 and over DO get the colonoscopy! Women get one too!

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I hate Movember because I’m A 68year old man and I can’t grow good facial hair.

If I started growing a mustache in June, then I’d have crappy looking thin hardly visible thing on my lip by now. People would look at me and wonder, “What the Hell is THAT!?”.

I had a PSA test last January. My PSA results are always normal. Also no prostrate enlargement.

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You mean No-Nut-November, right?

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