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Is there really other methods to kill cancer besides the dreaded chemo?

Asked by MooCows (3185points) June 4th, 2018

I read about people with cancer turning down chemo and doing other things like fasting etc and having good progress with it.
Is chemo a money maker racket? I am on the fence about this.

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I have heard of pinpoint radiation treatments for hard to reach areas of the body. Like the brain. Sorry that I don’t have a link.

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There’s a ton of alternative treatments, not sure about effectiveness. CBD oil is the big trend lately, my friend was just told today his cancer is gone, PET scans to make sure but he had colon cancer.

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I read a report this morning that for certain early stage breast cancers that chemo is no longer necessarily part of the treatment.

A lot of cancers caught early enough do fine with surgical removal.

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I don’t think chemo is just a money making scheme. I think it is necessary in many cases but we seem to be finding other and possibly better ways of dealing with some forms of cancer.

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Depends on the cancer. And really, they target things so carefully now that chemo doesn’t have to be the Most Awful Thing anymore. Twenty years ago, I had chemo. It was nasty, yes, but not like it was twenty years before that.
Cannabis oil helps the patient through treatment, but as a treatment of its own, there is really no confirmable evidence.

Remember, “chemotherapy” is just a catchall phrase that encompasses hundreds of different drug protocols, there is no one chemo. Some are better, some are worse.

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My fiancé‘s father was diagnosed with cancer at the base of the tongue/throat. He pursued alternative treatments for a while, but he noticed the tumor growing. He finally went on a specialized treatment regimen of very targeted radiation and a custom chemo cocktail. He’s been in remission for nearly a decade now. Be very weary of alternative treatments. they can be a death sentence like they were for Steve Jobs.

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I saw some footage somewhere about hopes for developing a virus which attacks only cancer cells.
Wouldn’t that be neat?

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Yes the Ketogenic Diet. It starves the cancer of the food it needs. I saw a guy on tv being interviewed that cured himself of cancer by switching to this diet. Google it. You will also see his interview. It is also on youtube.

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Some chemos are very effective and some not so much. You need to find out about the specific one for the specific cancer you have. For years I’ve said if I had early stage breast cancer I don’t think I’d do the chemo if the borders were clear, and now more and more studies are saying just that, like the study mentioned above by another jelly. Suzanne Somers has been saying similar for a long time, although it’s not because of her I felt this way, I did before I ever learned about her thoughts.

But, some chemos have been shown to be very effective and skipping it on a fly by night hopeful natural remedy is not a good idea in my opinion.

Radiation can shrink cancers, maybe it completely gets rid of some I don’t know.

Surgery is effective treatment in some cases. Operable pancreatic cancer can mean a cure, when there is not any chemo or radiation that cures pancreatic cancer that I know of.

Surgery for breast cancer can be the best treatment sometimes, without anything additional.

Testical cancer often is radiation and surgery.

Now, they are coming up with treatments that use the patients immune system.

Also, now for some cancers they don’t do chemo in consecutive weeks, but rather give breaks between treatment, which is easier on the patient.

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I sure as hell wouldn’t bet my life on it.

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I’ll just add, yes, a lot of chemos are a money maker racket, but that mainly has to do with the drug being priced too high, not being purposefully misprescribed. A lot of drugs are priced ridiculously high, and are life saving drugs. The epi-pen scandal that was widely reported in the news, the Bilead hep C drug that we have discussed here, and yes cancer drugs, Leslie Stahl did a report specifically on that on 60 Minutes, it was very good. This is just a few that have been in the media, but there are tons of what I would call overpriced medications out there.

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Cancer can be killed in many ways. The trick, like producing new types of antibiotics, is to not kill the person being treated in the process.

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^^So true. My mom used to work in cancer research and that was the biggest problem, not killing the patient.

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I had targeted radiation in an MRI type machine along with low dose chemo. Then interior radiation, which involved surgically implanting a number of needles into the the tumor. Then over several days I went to half hour treatments where radioactive particles were passed in and out of the needles. It was hell, but it worked.

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I’ve read some pretty impressive accounts of THC treatments.

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