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Would you rather have a head too big for your body or a high pitched baby voice?

Asked by Vignette (2887points) November 17th, 2019

Which one and describe what a typical day would be like with your choice

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Can I have both?

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@ragingloli Absolutely! Post a snapchat.

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I would immediately switch my career to the fetish porn industry.

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I had a high-pitched baby voice until I was as old as 16. So I guess I’d rather seem normal until I spoke than always look weird. I don’t talk that much as it is so a normal day probably wouldn’t be too different, just with more snickering :P

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I’d take a high pitched baby voice as it would lend credence to my grocery store floor tantrums.

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@rebbel You get to choose one or the other…or both if you must. Just do it!

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@Vignette Yeah, I got that.

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A high-pitched voice.

A head that is larger than average usually has other health implications.

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Big head. High pitched baby voices can lead people to murder.

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