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What is something you consider yourself particularly knowledgable of that isn't work or academia related?

Asked by ucme (48524points) 3 weeks ago

Anything at all, could be movie trivia or sports based or music etc.
Animals/pets, engineering, something you’re obviously interested in & can comfortably feel you know more than enough about to either entertain or help people out with.

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Star Trek Trivia

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1960s-1970s american TV shows

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I’m pretty good on movie trivia and can readily identify actors/actresses and tie them to other movies I have seen them in.
I’m pretty good at survival preparations, though I really do need to practice more. I make a killer beef jerky though
I think I’m pretty good at dealing with dogs. Even mean ones tend to behave around me. I can get high strung ones to settle down. I can get dogs to listen fairly quickly when training them.

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I like to think I’m pretty good/fast, when it comes to guessing which band/singer the intro to one of their songs is.
Any where from the 60’s until the 90’s’ pop music.

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Antique cookware, working on 70’s era motorcycles, building and repairing music gear

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All good stuff folks, I feel a competition beckons!

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Roads and beach accesses on a small Hawaiian island.

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I can identify many animals.

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I know so much about most sports I even surprise myself.
Able to pluck out the air so many stats, facts & figures.
Comes from a background of a sports mad family, at one time that was practically all we ever watched on telly.

Fancy myself as a bit of a movie buff too, not as comprehensive as with my sporting knowledge, but still pretty good.

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@ucme What was the team Captain’s great Aunt’s name on his mother’s side of the 1976 World Champion Walking Fast Team?

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I know, I know…..
But I’ll bite my tongue, and give @ucme the opportunity.

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The rules of proper gun play.

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You leave this place for a couple of hours…I knew that, Martha Tuttlethwaite out of Birmingham Alabama.

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Amazing what a lucky guess will do, isn’t it?

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