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Who is a famous person you would enjoy striking in the face with a pillow case filled with peanut butter?

Asked by ucme (50034points) November 21st, 2019


Yeah, he’s off limits…too obvious!

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I knew it, with Trump out the picture no one wants to know :D

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Depends on the type of peanut butter.

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@ucme No one then. If it where smooth than maybe.

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Ok, smooth then…gimme a name damn your eyes :D

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Response moderated
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No Trump Zone means only that the peanut butter is removed from its glass jars prior to insertion in the pillowcace.

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Jim Jordan
Devon Nunez
Mitch McConnell
and the ass they road in on.

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Daniel Tosh
Conan OBrien

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Soupy Sales, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin. Right here ! ! !

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I have better thoughts for a case of peanut butter, but OK.

Seth MacFarlane
The guy dressed as the burger – king

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Michael Jackson?

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I prefer a smack, but with a 3lb lobster. And I would smack a lot of people. A lot of people have never been punched, in the mouth, over what they say. My nephew included. I love him, but when he turns 18, shortly, I told him that I would box him in the mouth, for things he’s said. If he thinks that it’s a joke, he’ll find out quickly, in October.

I know you said no Trump, but that’s his problem. No one has punched him in his mouth, for what he says. It’s long over due. Time to punch him, in his fucking stupid mouth. That’s his problem, and many millennium idiots. IMO…..

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@Grimmy Agree, many need that pop lol

Whats nephew done he deserves that, mouth off to mom or grandma? Or you?
Better family than a stranger.

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I agree with lining up millenium entitled snowflakes, fuck me, imagine if these were around when world wars broke out!!

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I’d have to say Gilbert Gottfried he’s a Comedian who just oozes annoyance everytime he speaks…

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Millennium entitled snowflakes, definitely.

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