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Is it just me, or does Sarah Palin have that naughty teacher look?

Asked by rawpixels (2655points) August 29th, 2008

Kinda reminds me of someone I’ve seen in some porn. Of course, I don’t watch porn…

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“This way to the Egress——->”

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Yes, but somehow I don’t envision her inviting her 17 year old students over for a beer.


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She looks like a young Sally Field/Tina Fey. She was second in the Miss Alaska Beauty pageant once, according to wikipedia.

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She reminds me of a long haired Ashleigh Banfield. She wears those square glasses so you will be fooled into thinking that she is smarter.

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yes, she has the look. i see what you see.

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@Adina1968 : hahahaha! I hope people don’t fall for it… although those square glasses sure are nice.

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She’s pretty hot.

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OMG! My husband and I said the same thing. She reminds us of Miss Davis in the movie Varsity Blues. You know, the one who was a stripper to the song “Hot for Teacher”?

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Isn’t it why McCain picked her? Couldn’t be her qualifications or experience, right?

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I was going in a more “hot librarian” direction. It’s a fine line, though. And I still think she is a ridiculous choice, obviously.

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@rawpixels, You are not alone.

(skip to 1:25)

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I hardly think Mars. Palin was a great choice, but Barack Obama doesn’t exactly have great qualifications or experience, as well. Plus, Barack is at the top of his ticket. Personally, I think both McCain and Obama have their faults. Ron Paul would’ve been the best choice, but unfortunately far too many Americans are apathetic and usually choose candidates based on popularity and what the media tells them.

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@kevbo, wow, that guy must be a fan of mine :) Well, I guess he said it way before I even knew who she was

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i saw a photo of her husband on the news, and he was fishing, looked skinny and skanky. then saw the ‘official family portrait’ in the new york post, and he looked hot hot hot.

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