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What cookies or candies can you find in the US that you can’t find in Scotland?

Asked by JLeslie (61541points) November 23rd, 2019 from iPhone

My friend from Scotland always brings me cookies and candies (which I really don’t want her to, and I have told her, but that’s beside the point) and I was thinking I might buy her a similar parting gift. Everything she brings I can actually buy here in the US, although some of the items are in the Brit section of my supermarket, and quite pricey. I was thinking if there is anything in the US not sold in the UK that would be ideal.

If you want to suggest something else that’s fine too.

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Weed cookies.

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Pepperidge Farm brand cookies are not sold in the UK as far as I know. As far as candy, Dove brand might be good or Ghradelli if you can find it.

By the way, if your friend is used to UK culture that might be why she didn’t get that involved in the food planning while visiting. In my experience, that is seen more as the host’s responsibility there. It was a long time before my MIL did any cooking while visiting at my house for several weeks.

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@janbb She is from the UK, but also her family is Pakistani. It might be cultural, but she does make statements that she’s on vacation and expecting to eat out a lot. That’s part of the problem, if I go by what she says then I can’t really plan anything at home.

Years ago I had a friend visiting, and she brought along a friend. I cooked dinner for them (all of us, my husband and I also) I told them no pressure to come home at a specific time, they were out doing tourists things, I just let them know there was lasagna at home if they wanted it, I told them no pressure to return home, and they rushed home. I realized they felt obligated to be at my home for dinner because I cooked, but I specifically made something that warms up well, so if they came home hungry there was food available. I was fine if they ate out, whatever they wanted. It got lost in the communication, everyone brings their own ideas about these things, and everyone worries about what the other person would want I guess.

Thanks for the Pepperidge Farns idea.

Edit: I just googled and it says Pepperidge Farms was launched in the UK several years ago, but it still might be a good idea, because maybe she hasn’t tried them. Not sure how maybe I can figure out if she’s familiar.

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How about Twizzlers?

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The fun is finding out what they have heard of but don’t have. Some examples are:

* Twinkies
* Lifesavers
* Hershey’s products
* Candycorn
* Listermints
* Uber-spicy chips, pretzels, or peanuts

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Cookies and chocolates from a non-chain local bakery that isn’t big enough to ship stock out.

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My guest says she doesn’t know the brand Pepperidge Farm or the Chex mix snacks, so I think that will suffice.

Thanks to all of you.

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