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Can a judge overturn a jury decision at the end of a trial?

Asked by luigirovatti (2392points) November 23rd, 2019

With motivation, I suppose.

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In America, yes. It’s very rare. A judgement notwithstanding the verdict.

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Yes, they can, As @JLeslie says, it is rare. Usually it happens when the judge feels the jury has not properly weighed the evidence.

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In a criminal trial, they cannot find the defendant guilty over the jury verdict. In a civil trial, they can reduce the penalty/ damages to $1.

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In criminal trial, the judge may only throw out guilty verdicts. He cannot overrule a not guilty verdict and declare the defendant guilty.

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@luigirovatti: Criminal and civil trials are different. You didn’t specify.

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@jca2: That’s because I want to know all cases, of course.

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You can Google it and read all about it.

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