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What are innovative teaching methods?

Asked by moashraf (4points) November 27th, 2019

Innovative teaching method for teaching students to make them easy to understand & learn things easily.

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You don’t need innovation. You need a solid understanding of the interests of the age group you work with. Then, you need to use that knowledge to appeal to their imagination, hold their attention, and encourage their memory.

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There’s Montessori. There’s also the Socratic Method.

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Adequate personal time spent with individual students.

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In education there has not been anything new since the printing of textbooks. Maybe use of virtual reality will shake things up.

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Is this classroom? I suggest establish multiple work stations (no long rows of desks). Allow the children to visit which ever station they want, as long as they want, with evidence they are doing actual work. They can earn points for each station they visit to give them incentive to diversify. Each station should be stocked with an assignment for each child.

The computer stations (maybe 3 or 4) should be rewards earned with points, and programmed with educational content.

That’s the way we work in our home school.

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Drama also works well with most learning styles.. Students can explore all kinds of topics through drama (English, history, science, etc) and learn at the same time. Whatever you do, if you find a way to engage the whole brain, they will learn much more thoroughly and quickly.

People- both children and adults- learn best if they are having fun.

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