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What balloon would you fly at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26673points) November 28th, 2019 from iPhone

As asked.

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A giant rainbow balloon.

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I’m thinking Millenium Falcon would look cool.

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A balloon shaped balloon.

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A huge book. People need a reminder to relax, read more and chill out.

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I like the way you think @Vigmente

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The baby drumpf balloon.

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I’m down with the Millennium Falcon. Balloon that big will need multiple folks to steer it. Count me in.

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^^Wish I could score that latest huge LEGO Falcon. Lol

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One is not enough.
I want 99

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@mazingerz88: That’d be great, but I’d never have the time to build it. Be a great summer vacation project.

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@anniereborn… That would be perfect!

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A flying UFO balloon and then we can say that it was really a weather balloon.

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