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Does it seem to you that some posts are more like personal blogs?

Asked by anniereborn (15511points) November 29th, 2019

I sure do. The post is like barely a question. More of a way to talk about someone’s life and get validation for it.

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It could be that there is a question in the whole text but not phrased as a question?

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Occasionally I come upon one of these ‘blog posts’, yes.
Half of the time I don’t care for them, and rarely do they bother me (and few times I’m like “pfffff..”).
I think the social media platforms sometimes get mixed, or confused, with Q&A sites.
They’ve gained so much traction the last years, social media platforms, that is, that maybe they’ve changed (the way/method of) participation in sites like Fluther.

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Yes, some surely are. I think the people who do that are not quite getting it that Facebook, or an actual blog, are appropriate places for that, not fluther.

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Wish they would blog off!

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I can’t read anything as long as something that could be a blog.

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Today I was wondering why men don’t get bald on the sides of their heads.
Tomorrow, I’m going to have stem cells from the side of my head, injected into my scalp.
More deep thots 2morrow! :D

I usually scroll past text walls, regardless of content. It could be that if all bloggage was removed from the details, perhaps there would many less W’sOT.

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Yes, I think family anecdotes mainly belong on Facebook or in – gasp – personal letters. I don’t really care to read family stories here unless they are germane to the OP.

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Sure. I’m probably guilty of it at times. Mostly, I am interested in people’s opinions though. That’s why I ask questions here.

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I pretty much ask questions for the different answers I get. Some that might even be right. However I suppose all in all those are just opinions.

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Yes. I don’t usually read the long posts about grandchildren or “this one said this, that one said that.” I know it’s important and meaningful to the OP, but I really don’t have time for it.

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Sometimes, but I’m completely OK with it. People have different styles of relating their situations. I’m totally OK with reading a lot of details, even if there are a lot of players in the story, as long as the story makes sense, and the details actually relate to the Q that was asked. Sometimes it helps to know the background story. In fact, knowing the background story, even if a lot of people think it’s boring, or don’t like to read a wall of text, makes it easier for me to answer the Q.

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I enjoy helping people with RL problems, so I read them if I have time. Plus learning what other people think about is interesting.

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I don’t really mind the personal ones that ask us to share how we do things (“What are your favorite barbecue foods to serve/eat on the 4th of July?”), but the ones that ask Qs like “Here are pictures of my kitten, isn’t she adorable?” really don’t promote discussion at all, let alone good discussion.

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I think they are part of the fabric of fluther. Why complain about something that is providing at least something new to read and contemplate? What else will 24 people have to do here?

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Yeah, I tend to avoid those “personal drama” questions because A) we don’t really know what’s going on in someone’s life no matter how much they write here and B) people who ask those questions often seem to only want validation and can be hostile to actual advice. I’m not saying I’ve never done it; I asked one personal drama question once about how much I hated my best friend’s girlfriend. I made a point not to reject any of the answers or get defensive and it ended up being a helpful question. So I’m not saying they can’t work, but I think it’s harder to make them work. Not every question here is for everyone. I have no problem with people asking questions I’m not interested in. I just move on to the next one.

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For me, it’s fine if people post the TLDR personal problems and are looking for advice but when the OP is just relating a cute story or sharing personal photos in the guise of a question, that’s what I find frustrating. Those are the ones that feel bloggy.,

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These are the same ones who frequently post their partners/families/pets names in a way that suggests we all recognise them as a matter of course. I don’t & have no particular desire too either.

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I see that, but it’s fine with me. There are so few of us left, I’m happy for any decent content. Plus, if it’s too long or goes on and on and on…I can just stop following the question.

By the way @ucme, Mary, Betty, and puppy Fred say “Hi”.

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Oh stop it @cookieman that is just too adorable!!
You go ahead & tell them from me…we have staff for that! :D

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I don’t have a problem with it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting validation and doing so on an anonymous forum. None of us are forced to continue reading these questions or answer them. Some people do take the time to help these people. Where’s the harm?

Pictures of cute kitties definitely DO promote great discussions. Only someone who hates kitties would say otherwise. ~

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Oh, I bleed.

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Yeah. I wrote one about my ex I think. I wasn’t trying to make it seem super blog-y but I ended up sort of ranting a bit and by the time I realized and wanted to change it I couldn’t edit anymore. I had a legitimate question but then I went off because sometimes I just don’t know who to talk to and just saying it to people that might listen helps, but yeah, this really isn’t the site for super long personal anecdotes.

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