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What might your best friend do to improve your life?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) December 5th, 2019

I’m assuming that they have heard some complaints before.
If not, feel free to post a musical break.

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All he has to do is breathe, and my life brightens.

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Show up on his hog and tell me to get my ass outside to go riding. I have my own, I wouldn’t be with him ;)

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There’s nothing like riding!

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@Coolhandluke—I’ll settle for a bicycle or a boat or a horse or a canoe or an innertube or a ‘72 Riviera.

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Mine can show up with a boat and we can explore a large chain of lakes in northern Wisconsin. :)

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Make some mujadara. Or maybe kibbeh.

Or maybe this

So tough to decide.

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Play back a recording of the begging for mercy of the inhabitants of the last planet he destroyed.
I would do the same for them.

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She called me from Germany, despite the eight hour time difference, to see how i was doing. She warms my heart and brightens my day.

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Why didn’t I think of that?

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We both truly listen to each other with understanding .
To be heard and understood is a blessing.

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All he has to do is show up! And that is because there is nothing more entertaining than his take on the world and the way it treats him. Imagine if you can a sophisticated handsome aristocrat standing before you relating a tireless version of Rodney Dangerfield’s “No respect”.

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Let me tickle his tummy!

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