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2020 vision: So, where are all the flying cars?

Asked by ucme (48802points) 1 month ago

In a little over 3 weeks we will be in another new year, yes, I know you’re aware of that, just listen!

Those of us who grew up in an age without Internet or cell phones were led to believe, by now, there’d be fantastic advances in technology which saw us living on moon bases & flying around in our cars.
They lied did they not?

This question is meant to be taken light heartedly & with a touch of irony, so please, no boring lectures…I thank you!

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Look up!- don’t blink

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When I come back from Greece, and we land on Schiphol Airport, we usually taxi for 15 minutes to the gate.
Those moments, which seem to last forever, I feel like I’m sitting in a flying car (coach).

What I couldn’t have believed thirty years ago, was that I would write an answer, on a Q&A website, on the internet, on a smartphone, while watching football, on that same device.

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Flying cars sound a lot more interesting than “social media” and “deep fakes”; how come more people didn’t predict those things?

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We were supposed to have flying cars by 2018, but when Trump got elected that all changed.

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Flying cars are simply a bad idea.

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Non-existent. Too many idiot drivers on the roads meant too many idiot fliers in the sky. Who would want to contend with that??

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They have them, but they can’t depend on the general population to NOT screw up to where they crash & burn. At last report, they’ve been postponed until who knows when!!!

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We do. They are called planes.

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^ You’re being too logical!!! These are actually cars that fly. ONLY problem, they’re NOT safe with an idiot behind the wheel!!!

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@LadyMarissa This is the first time that I am being called too logical.

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@RedDeerGuy1 There’s a first time for everything!!! ;}

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When I was a kid in 1976, no one really believed there would be flying cars.

But we did believe there would be pocket-phones, cable T.V., compact electric cars running on 1— or 2 batteries, telephones where you could see the person you are talking to, a manned Martian landing, a fairly comfortable and large space station and regular space-shuttle transportation to and from earth, computers would talk to you, and robots / androids that would be very lifelike.

In 1976, I believed these things would all be in place around the year 2000.

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@Yellowdog Your childhood lasted one year!
Man, that must have been a steep learning curve :D

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I just remember that year being really interested in what the world would be like around the year 2000.

I guess I haven’t changed much. I am still planning a house I’d like to build someday. Still thinking I’ll be rich by then.

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So yeah, cheers folks of the www!
As I said in the details, this was more of a tongue in cheek inspired enquiry based on the forecasts of sci-fi movies/tv shows/books back in the day.
They of course were fictional accounts, but amusing to think they portrayed the 21st century in a way we’re not anywhere close to now.
For the record, flying cars would simply not work, I mean, where would they put all the traffic lights?

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They would hover in the middle of the sky. They would have lightening-zapper antennae (one on the top, one on the bottom) that would zap cars who ran the light, or tried to cheat by going over them or under them.

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Here is one.

There are some others in development.

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Pretty cool. But I’d rather see the floating traffic light.

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Humans tend to ignore traffic lights, so they were toying with a lane going east, a lane going west & 2 more covering north & south. That way there would be NO oncoming traffic when you’re ready to turn!!!

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Sorry @ucme, I tried to think of something humorous, but it just wouldn’t come. The Jetsons said & did it all…pretty much covered my imagination!!!

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