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Does Micky Mouse have ears, or does he just have balls?

Asked by Yellowdog (9762points) 1 month ago

No matter how Micky Mouse moves in cartoons, and no matter what angle he is seen from, those things I thought were ears remain perfectly round.

So, I was wondering that if, instead of ears, Micky Mouse has balls.

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Depending on the illustration period/style, you can see the shadow on his ears. More concave discs than spheres.

Not to mention the ubiquitous Mickey ears sold at Disneyland.

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I think you are mistaking Mickey for Mineta.

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You seem to be a little confused. I see ears on Mickey, but he has no male genitalia. Hence, Mickey has no balls, but he does have ears

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Maybe I’m biased because of Disney World, but I’m pretty sure they’re ears!!!

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Just ears.
He has no wife. No children. He has a high pitched voice and no bulge in his britches so he must not have any junk in his trunk.

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It’d take a lot ears to wear your balls on your head.

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It is true that some creatures have balls for ears.
Or so it seems.

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It’s the same with Betty Boop.
She has no neck & a face the shape of an arse.

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Though his ears
Are in arrears,
His gonads
Are not nomads.
‘Twere never a mouse
Said of her spouse,
Your spheres
Are big as your ears!
So let ease your worry
Mick’s balls are furry,
And placed discreet,
Just ‘neath his Pete.
Now tell us where you keep yours! Lol

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