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How are abortions and miscarriages calculated in determining average life expectancy of a country?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16103points) 1 month ago

Do they count as age zero, a negative number, or not at all?

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They aren’t counted . Life expectancy is based on live births.

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I’m not really sure they would count at all. What @zenvelo said.
I feel that if they did, the average would go way down because abortions and miscarriages happen more than you’d expect and it would really skew the numbers

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As far as I know, they aren’t.

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They don’t count.

I’m not even sure a full term still birth counts? I doubt it.

Does a live birth with the death happening minutes or just hours later count? I’m not sure.

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I’d say it doesn’t count at all as the child is not actually born, so the life expectancy is static at zero

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