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How much is one year of memories worth to you?

Asked by raum (6737points) 1 month ago from iPhone

What if someone offered you a million dollars for a year of your memories? (You would no longer remember anything from that year.)

Would your answer change if the amount of money were larger?

Is there a year in your life that you would pay to forget?

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Absolutely. He can have free picking. Either way, he will feel ripped off.

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I got a couple of years in there they can have for nothing if it means I don’t have to remember. But if they are crazy enough to pay, I’ll take it. In a heartbeat.

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IF you had asked me this question back in 1999, I would have responded 1990 because that was when I had my stroke & my life turned completely upside down. Today I realize that 1990 was the year that gave me a GREAT life. With the upside down aspect also came my opportunity to have a “do over” & I seem to be doing my 2nd chance much better than the first chance. So, today I can honestly say that NO amount of money would be worth it….NOT even a bazillion dollars a second for the rest of my life!!!

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I would take it, on the condition they did not takemy memory of making the deal.

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