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Any thoughts in your head which pop up unexpectedly and takes you by surprise?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26362points) September 10th, 2012

Whether it’s about religion, sex, family and everything else, do you sometimes recall a thing, a memory you had no idea was in your head?

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Occasionally, though usually it’s an unexpected turn in an interior monologue rather than an out-of-the-blue epiphany. They usually turn out to be ideas that have already been codified elsewhere. Like realizing that the separation of church and state is maintained by both sides pushing against eahc other.

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Suddenly a small piece of a song appeared in my head. I don’t know where it came from or why, but I had to look it up to find out what song it was.

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Several years ago, I took Mom and an aunt on a trip to four Falling Water. As we were walking through the woods from the parking lot to the house, I was struck by a serious case of Déjà vu. Mom said, “Well, we came here when you were about two years old.” I had no idea that I had ever been there before.

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“I sit each morning
Look at my empty notebook
The room is quiet
The air conditioning sounds like rain falling
Manic-depressive composer Robert Schumann
When he could not write
He’d get down on his knees and he would pray for help
It’s not as bad as eating your own liver
But still, I’d like to think that there are better methods
I try to tackle the page that lay before me
But then I drift off and think about the concept of ben-wah balls
I rouse myself and I finish washing dishes
Make lists of errands
Make all my phone calls
And then I pray for help
But each time I try to make a fresh stab
I end up just picking at an old scab”

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Happens to me a lot. And the types of things that pop in there are all over the map. My train of thought is also interesting, and the way I get from one thought to the next and how I connect them is quizzical and sometimes humorous, at least to me.

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Thoughts do pop up unexpectedly. I am working with a psychiatrist trying to stop them.

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I realized the other day I’d been thinking about and doodled an outline of an terrarium layout and some rough notes to make it a habitat for snails. It all came crashing into my attention when some slightly more conscious part of me stumbled onto the fact that I don’t have snails, know where to get snails, or know much of anything about snails beyond how to cook them. That was… awkward a suprise.

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All the time. The strangest/most unexpected thoughts pop into my head and I have to wonder where on earth they came from. Just yesterday, I was popping a pizza into the oven and this song came into my head! I’m still fighting the urge to sing, “she’ll be ridin’ six white horses when she comes, she’ll be ridin’ six white horses when she comes..” and so on.
There’s so many thoughts floating about up there, just waiting for their moment in the spotlight. When will it end?

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@wonderingwhy at least the snails would have a nice place to live before they’re invited to dinner.

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@stardust lol that’s even worse than mine xD you have my sympathy, hahaha

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I keep having these visions of fighting people with a sword, the sound of armor being pierced, blood and mud and fire getting into my eyes and stuff.

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