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Insane, Inappropriate, Beautiful, or all three?

Asked by heysupnm (286points) August 30th, 2008

If someone told you that when they die they want their body to be cremated, the ashes put into a single firework and set off at midnight over the lake where he/she proposed or first kiss or something similarly memorable… what would you say? This idea came to me a while ago after someone told me about Tibetan sky burials. For both cases I am not sure if it’s just crazy, inappropriate, madly beautiful or a strange combination of the three. What do you think?

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Insane and beautiful. Not inappropriate.

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It’s a bit unconventional, but I don’t think it’s insane. And not inappropriate. It is rather beautiful though.

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A tab bit insane, but beautiful in the thought. I don’t know that it’s inappropriate.

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original, beautiful!

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Tibetian sky burials sound similar to my sister’s wishes. She would like her corpse left in a high tree to be used for carrion, as some of the native American tribes used to do. Unfortunately it is against the law.

I would think that after a legal cremation, you could do exactly what you liked with the ashes.

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I think it’s a beautiful idea.
My husband likes the old Eskimo tradition…when he feels it’s time to go, he’d love to be set afloat on an ice floe, with a bottle of Jim Beam to keep him company.

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“Some say the world will end in fire;
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To know that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.” Robert Frost

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A Sky burial is very similar to what your sister has in mind except the corpse is cut up and left atop a very high mountain. I think it’s very respectful towards nature. It was prohibited for a while by the Chinese government (they found the practice to be barbaric) but allowed it again in the 1980s.

I also heard scarier version where family members would carry the old (but still alive!!!) up the mountain and just leave them there to die. This was because they were too poor to support someone who did not “contribute” to the family income.

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@heysupnm – To answer your question. Insane/crazy? Oh yes, wonderfully so. Inappropriate? Not in the least. Beautiful? Absolutely gorgeous idea. I love the thought of that.

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That’s exactly what I want. I don’t see it as crazy or inappropriate. I think embalming and burial is crazier.

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Thanks Tantigirl – I imagine it to be one of those “weeping willow” fireworks and must have the soft whistling noise… Makes me sad to think about it!

as for Sky Burials, this is interesting: “The work of disassembling of the body may be done by a monk, or, more commonly, by rogyapas (“body-breakers”). All the eyewitness accounts remarked on the fact that the rogyapas did not perform their task with gravity or ceremony, but rather talked and laughed as during any other type of physical labor. According to Buddhist teaching, this makes it easier for the soul of the deceased to move on from the uncertain plane between life and death onto the next life.”

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I don’t think it’s inappropriate by any means. It’s beautiful and insane…actually, a better way to state that is insanely beautiful! =)

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The Sky Burials is new info for me. I love learning that. Thank you, Hey.

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What an awesome idea.

& @gail, what an awesome poem.

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You’re welcome gail, I also agree with Knot – thanks for the awesome poem.

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That is what Hunter Thompson (the gonzo journalist) had done with his body.

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@Cardinal: I was thinking the same thing-R.I.P. Hunter!

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I actually have a similar idea for myself in my will, but I am to be taken out into the woods and blown up with powerful exposives. Literally fragmatized. It’s the only decent way to go.

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I think it’s a beautiful idea.. not insane or inappropriate. I do wonder, however, if you will be able to find someone to put human ashes in a firework. I don’t know if people will think that’s gross or weird.

Personally, I’m not really picky about what happens to my remains. I just want the people who love me to do whatever makes them feel good and/or closer to me. If they want ashes around, okay. If they want to put me in a lovely green plot beneath a tree, okay. I know losing me will be hard enough, so whatever makes them feel better.

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Im right there with you Cardinal and sndfreQ i immediately thought of Hunter S Thompson. R.I.P.

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i say why not. i mean it couldn’t hurt.

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So original! And beautiful. Not inappropriate.

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