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How does your life compare to 2010?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37506points) December 31st, 2019

I was living on disability with very weak coping skills and could hardly function. Over the past 10 years, I have found medicine that works exceedingly well for me. I have gained insight through daily meditation. I have walked more days than not for exercise. I have attended therapy regularly. I changed my diet for one that is much better for my health. I learned the importance of a regular sleep routine.

I was accepted to a good training program, and now I administer that program as a full-time job. I have a car that’s paid for. I rent a very nice townhouse. I have a good group of friends. I have known and lost love. My children are all adults and doing well.

My life is going very well at the moment.

Tell us about yours. What has happened for you in the past 10 years?

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Too much to write about it but suffice it to say in 2010 I was married but somewhat unhappy and 10 years on, I am single and self-sufficient. I have learned to stand on my own two rather wide and webbed flat feet and have many loving friends.

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Wow I had to really think on that and shouldn’t have had to. I was laid off because my department was transferred to Nebraska after working there 30 years and 4 months. It took me another year to find a job. But I had 6 months severance and unemployment, so I was okay money wise. Also my friends took me on vacation with them 3 times that year.
But the job market wasn’t looking good and I was getting scared I wouldn’t find a job. As it turned out, I got to spend more time with my mom and take care of her before she died in early 2011.
But now I have a job that is not stable due to mismanagement and I’m hoping they hold off closing the place for 3 more years so I can retire.

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In 2010 I was working huge amounts of overtime, trying to handle 2 house payments.
My diabetes was unknown to me.
All three of my kids were single, which put a small strain on me.
My wife was using hearing aids, which don’t help as much as you’d hope.
I was living in a small house near a very busy street in Concord.

Now I am retired.
No house payments.
My health issues are addressed.
My kids are all married. Two of them have kids.
My wife has cochlear implants.
I now live in a big house in a forest area, which is a quiet as you could imagine.

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2010 came in with a bang. I got the best job I have ever had. My education degree finally came in handy.
2020 is coming in with a tired whimper.

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Was working as a supervisor, working 55–60 hours a week for 40 hrs of pay. Found out they were paying other supervisors doing my job time and a half for anything over 40 hrs. When I questioned it, basically found out they were screwing me for about $22k a year and had no intention of changing. Started looking for another job. New job took me into 2011 and on. High stress. Finally got laid off and found a job that had almost zero stress. I’m much happier now. Don’t make as much money but don’t need it either.

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My life, mainly due to health, has been on a sharp decline since before 10. I finally have meds which are helping somewhat, and my daughter is being civil, occasionally. I’m actually looking forward to 20.

Will this be the official song of 20/20?

Cool runnings, @all !

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This has been a very very very difficult decade. I lost a lot of family. My mother, my brother, my sister, my mother in law, and two kitties so very very dear to me.

I have gained 25 pounds. I look older and certainly feel older.

My husband went through major surgery and has had quite a bit of medical treatment needed.

Our home and car are certainly showing the ten years as well.

Here’s to not losing anyone else or having any major medical scares in 2020.

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I am so lucky that over the past ten years everything in my life has stayed the same (great) or gotten better. My only issues have been second hand, for my children, and I have been able to help them out.

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In 2010 I had similar health problems to today, so that’s kind of the same.

I lived in Tennessee (TN) and was working part-time I think. I’m not sure what year I stopped working for a while. If I wasn’t working I was volunteering. Right now I work part-time and volunteer also, but I’m living in Florida (FL).

My husband took a new job in 2019 and is back in TN. The most unusual part of our marriage was owning a business during the previous decade, but that’s done now. Also, atypical for us is I’m not sure I’m going to fully move to Tennessee with him. I might go back and forth between TN and FL. When he lived in Colombia for almost a year when we were early in our marriage I didn’t go either, but we knew that would be less than a year.

I feel older. I no longer think about having children. I gained 15 more pounds that I really need to lose. I am much much more focused on having fun, and not giving away my precious time to things I don’t want to do, but I still do sometimes. My husband and I are much less in line with goals than in 2010. It’s been one two many things that happened in the last decade; it was an incredible amount of stress at times. I wish he was seeking the fun like me, but for now fun for him is going back to work.

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