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Does anyone here have a Littermaid?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) August 31st, 2008

I have the newer generation, and it’s the biggest one, since I have two cats. Does anyone have the new one after having the older generation? Is it just me, or does the older one sort of work better?

And why can’t they make the spaces between the rakes smaller so the little tiny clumps don’t fall through?? >:(

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I have the old one and it has changed my life.

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Agree about the space on rakes. They seem poorly designed. I empty what I rake out onto my poison ivy. But once a month or so, I have to dump everything and clean the box with hot water, soap and a brush.

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I read this question over and over as “Does anyone here have a Little Mermaid?”.

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Ezra: glad that your classes will be starting soon.

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I used to have two of them but honestly I ended up throwing them out. One of them broke a few months after I purchased it . I think they are okay if you have only one or two cats but anymore then that you are just better off with a traditional litterbox. However I will tell you cat lover that I discovered a litter scoop that is awesome! It is called Durascoop. If you have more then two cats you will LOVE it!

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I had one. It lasted about three months before it decided to stop working. It was a waste of money if you ask me. How hard is it to clean it manually anyway? We have three indoor cats and two litter boxes (actually, they’re round, not boxes) and that works out just fine.

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The older generation boxes do break very easily. But this box I’ve had for maybe a year and 1/4 and it’s been taken apart and moved several times and works perfectly. The only gripe I have is the design of the rake… and the speed it moves, but that’s not really important.. just irritating. Whatever they did with the newer models, they fixed the constant breaking. My dad must’ve sent back 4 or 5 of them for replacements over the several years he’s used them. He’s a nurse and works all the time, so it makes sense for him. Me? I just have a back problem and two cats who love to poop a lot. I used to have to clean it twice a day. Not anymore.

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We were going to get one, but we found that the reviews weren’t all that good. We ended up buying a Litter-Robot, and it was the best thing we ever did. It doesn’t use a rake, it is a barrel which turns to dump the waste out of a hole in the bottom, into a tray.

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I thought about getting one, but it would have driven my last cat crazy, as she ALWAYS used the box as soon as I emptied it. She would have been in there all day with one of those. The thing that stopped me in my tracks from buying one was when I saw all of the components that would eventually need washing. I just bought (and inherited) a stack of smaller cat boxes. I empty them at least once a day (more if I happen to see cat poopies) and then dump them completely and disinfect once a week. I agree, the type of scooper is the most important thing.

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