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What would Steve Irwin do?

Asked by SEKA (6071points) January 9th, 2020

This was on our local news today after the update on Australia’s wildfires. For a brief moment, I could see Steve Irwin welcoming his animal family home. For the briefest second, I could get past the horror of what’s happening to those down under. What about you???

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It is pretty sad.
My niece is going to Australia in another month. I don’t know if it’s to that area or not.

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He’d poke a sharp stick into the blokes who are setting fires.

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@kritiper He’d be furious at the loss of life, probably do fire safety tips and show us how much damage it can do to the animals. One thing he did well, was effectively communicate the animals emotions, such as panic (fire), despair (babies clinging to mothers corpses), etc…

I hope the teens are prosecuted and jailed.

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Apparently, the rest of his family has saved something like 90,000 animals. I don’t know how, but I’m sure Irwin would be proud of them.

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I just cleaned my glasses. Now they’re all smeared.

I think he would sit, and greet each one as they come by. “Oiy now it hurt darlin’ but your safe now. I’m gonna keep all of you comfortable for evah and evah. Aw, look at you, still gorgeous, oiy promise. There is nice cold water, plenty for all of you to drink as much as you want. Wait, miss (To a kangaroo) what’s that you got tucked there in your pocket. Is that a note?”

“My daddy,
They’re yours now. I know they are in the best hands.

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@Patty_Melt Ok. Now you made me cry.

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Really @Patty, thats a gift sis!

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His family says he’d be distressed with what is going on

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Thank you everyone. Steve was a different type of blike, but I still miss him

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^ Did you mean bloke???

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^ Yep. Thanks

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Accidently bumped into this old vid of Steve discovering that Terry was pregnant with Bob. His excitement was cute

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