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Isn't the instinctive desire of beings, born not of their own volition, for their lives to be taken in the same way?

Asked by luigirovatti (2212points) January 10th, 2020

For example, for premature birth.

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What, what, whaaaaat?

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…...No idea.

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No. Most people don’t get to decide how they are born, but have some say into how they die.

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I don’t understand what you’re asking.

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I am unable to parse out what it is you’re attempting to ask here.

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I think he is asking, since people had no say in being born, that they instinctively prefer to be murdered.

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It’s an anime quote.

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Oh. Of course it is…

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Not logical. Your method of birth is in no way related to your means and timing of death.

No link whatsoever.

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And to answer the question: No.
The sole purpose of life, is its continued existence. The two methods that evolution has chosen to achieve that goal, are self-replication, and ensuring one’s own survival. That is why the instincts of self preservation and procreation are the strongest among all forms of life.
Most people would not kill themselves, because as long as as the goal of procreation has not been achieved, it violates the goal of self preservation.
But that does not mean that dying by external forces is preferable, because it violates the two goals all the same.
Hence that most people would prefer to not die at all.

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It’s a string of meaningless nonsense. Beings desire instinctively to have no choice in their birth or death? What a pile of bullshit.

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Sounds like make believe. Fantasy. A fairy tale.

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