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French toast recipes or tips?

Asked by zina (1650points) August 31st, 2008

I’m hosting a brunch in a few hours. I’ve made French toast before, and can Google for recipes. Just curious if anyone’s got particularly awesome ways of making it, or feels like revealing little secrets. :)

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I know how to make stuffed french toast. wanna hear?

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When I make it I like to use a nice loaf of French Bread, slice it medium thickness. When you make your egg mixture be sure to add some cinnamon, nutmeg and a little coriander. Don’t let the bread sit in the egg for to long, but make sure make sure it’s enough time. Make sure the temp on the stove is med-high. Cooking them is sorta like searing a steak.

When you are done make sure you serve them a dusting of 10x sugar and a nice maple syrup.

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Stuffed frnch toast?? Tell me how. Sounds good.

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If you make stuffed french toast use two slices of bread, and make a custard, fill in between the 2 slices then dip the “sandwich” in the egg. then fry it, you can use any filling you want.

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If you want the full recipe, I’ll have to find a way to stop my laziness for typing it, I’ll try.

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For the bread, use day-old Challah. Also, put a little vanilla in your egg/milk mixture.


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DAMN I forgot to mention the the vanilla.

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Use white bread. like wonder bread!

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Crap, simone54 beat me to it. I was going to say add some cinnamon also.
I just saw this question in the sidebar and thought “Cinnamon!!”

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Add Cinnamon, cloves, and other spices.

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I second strongly Megan64’s advice on day-old Challah, sliced on the thick side. And only dark maple syrup.

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My recipe is fairly straightforward. I too use day-old challah, and vanilla, and cinammon. But where I deviate is instead of using maple syrup, I like to saute banana slices in butter and dark brown sugar until the bananas begin to break down. It makes every other way of eating french toast obsolete.

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A nice orange-caramel (Suzette) sauce รก la @ezraglen would also be tasty.

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Don’t for get the powdered sugar at the end..just sprinkle some on before u serve

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Oh a use some homemade strawberry sauce, damn I’m a god chef.

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I once made French toast with chocolate croissants. Completely fattening and decadent but so delicious. Warning…only make this if you can take a nap immediately after eating.

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@trudacia: wow. will do.

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And Add a pinch of fresh mint to the strawberry sauce.

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@megan, It’s very similar to bread pudding.

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one of my favorite things is watching the Food Network, and Alton Brown has a great tip for the perfect French toast: Let your bread sit out overnight to get stale. Then when you dip it in the egg mixture, you can really let it soak it up so it’s moist and doesn’t get all flat and floppy. Works like a charm.

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@poofandmook: Coolness. There is nothing worse than soggy french toast.

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The best bread for making French toast, IMHO, is what is called, “TEXAS TOAST.” and when making it, don’t forget the vanilla extract.

Cinnamon is nice, sprinkled on it, just before the melted butter and PURE Maple Syrup (from Vermont, of course) is poured.

The best French Toast and Pancakes in the entire world are served here

August 31, 2008, 3:49 PM EDT

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I find this really good:

When making french toast, instead of adding milk, add chocolate milk, it tastes amazing. But don’t add the kind of stuff where you mix the syrup and the milk to make chocolate milk, because that makes the toast really soft, and kinda gross. Just buy a carton or bag of chocolate milk and try it next time you go to make french toast.

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no strawberry milk!! that’s the spot.

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Yeah, I love strawberry milk. I’ve never used it in french toast though, I’ll try it!

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or a mix, choco, vanilla and straw.

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I like to use vanilla flavored coffee creamer with my egg mixture. My kids love it.

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You folks are really making me drool…

August 31, 2008, 5:24 PM EDT

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Now I want some french toast!

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I can recommend a place…

August 31, 2008, 5:39 PM EDT

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I also love icing sugar on top of my french toast.

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The French toast was a bit hit! I used day-old farmer’s market bread (a long plain loaf as well as a blue cheese + walnut wheat bread – YUM!). I mixed 6 eggs, about a cup of almond milk, a cap-full of vanilla extract, a spoonful of sugar, a big pinch of salt, and a few good sprinkles of cinnamon and nutmeg. I let it soak well, but learned I needed to cut the slices a little thinner so the egg that soaked in would cook (so a true 1/2 inch rather than more toward an inch). DELICIOUS!! It was great by itself, or with some fresh strawberries and pluots. (I’ll never get over the name of that fruit!)

Thanks for all the ideas, everyone!!

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I know this is too late, but for next time this is awesome. 1egg, 1/2 cup of flour, 1tbsp vanilla, 2 tbsp melted unsalted butter, 1/2 tsp salt, 1tbsp sugar, 1tsp cinnamon, 1 cup whole milk, 6–8 slices of chala bread, or something close. Leave bread out overnight to dry, or put in 225 degree oven for fifteen minutes to dry. Wisk together egg, vanilla, salt, sugar, cinnamon, butter and milk, then slowly wisk in flower to avoid lumps. Soak bread in mixture for 30 seconds, the place in non stick skillet that has been butterred after heating on medium heat until foaming has stopped. Cook on each side for 2 1/2 minutes or until golden brown. Place on rack in oven heated to 175 to keep warm until al are cooked. Enjoy. The butter and flour make this so so good. You can double check this on I am going from memory in the back seat of a car coming home from dinner! Good luck in the future!

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ok, so a few corrections. 2 tsp vanilla, 1/4 tsp salt, 3/4 tsp cinnamon. All else is correct. Memory is a bit scetchy I guess.

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I make this stuffed french toast using a 1 lb. presliced loaf of french bread. It’s a big hit with guests.

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

6 oz cream cheese softened (I usually just use an 8 oz pkg)
3/4 cup sliced fresh strawberries
1/3 cup confectioners sugar

Mix well and spread evenly b/t 2 pieces of bread and dip in egg mixture seasoned with vanilla. dip and fry in butter. Serve with maple syrup and/or strawberry syrup. ( I used to make the syrup but found the strawberry syrup in the bottle is a great time saver… but if you want a recipe for that, let me know) For a great brunch presentation, sprinkle with powdered sugar and chopped pecans on a serving plate.

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My mother has always made the best french toast, she has never used white bread.

Take whole grain bread, or any oaty sorta of bread, crack a bunch of eggs, whip those suckers up and dip both sides….liberally. Toss it in a pan, flip. Flop onto a plate. Drench in syrup and butter and powdered sugar and you’re in heaven.

I might need open heart surgery if she keeps it up. But I’m sure as hell not telling her to stop.

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try eating hot french toast without syrup and instead sprinkle it with plenty of old-fashioned granulated sugar. this is the way i ate it as a child and still how i prefer it best.

(this is my first post. happy to join the cooperative!


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Long may you post!

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