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Breakfast/Brunch in Seattle?

Asked by skfinkel (13532points) April 21st, 2007
There are lots of places around, but are there some favorites? Am particularly interested in Capitol Hill, but any area is fine.
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B&O; Cafe (corner of Bellevue and Olive)
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Glo's, on Capitol Hill at 1621 E Olive Way, is, for my money, the best breakfast in Seattle.
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It's a small diner-type establishment. The service is slow. The food is great. They make the best eggs benedict in Seattle.
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El Camino in the Fremont district. They have the best Bloody Mary’s. It’s an all natural Mexican restaurant and they have great breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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Here is some info about it:

El Camino Restaurant South Mexico fare, delicious, fresh & homemade. Sunday Brunch 11am-3pm, Weekend Happy Hour 3–5pm, Dinner 5pm Tue-Sun. Renowned margaritas, organic dishes are noted. Our patio with fireplace is open all year! 206.632.7303, 607 N 35th St, (I can vouch for the margaritas too!)

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Portage Bay Cafe. They grow their own organic ingredients, and do a good job cooking them. There are now four locations.

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