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"I wish you'd be a little bit more.......". Wanna join in the critique thread?

Asked by rebbel (30705points) 1 week ago

Well read?
Right wing?

Preferably constructive critique.
You may give it to the Jelly that posted before (that is, right above) you.
That means though that you yourself are now also game to be critiqued.
It’s all meant to be uplifting, constructive, but some might take offense to how others see them, I guess.
So don’t join if you are not sure that you can handle it.

So, here’s to the first Jelly that wants to wish something upon me.
(After that you’ll be the victim of the next Jelly, remember?)

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I wish you would be little more understanding of responsible law abiding firearm owners.

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We are understanding of responsible, law abiding firearm owners. Some of my best friends are responsible, law abiding firearm owners, and not a one of them has a problem with back ground checks and waiting periods. They aren’t the ones handing semi automatics to their HS kids to shoot up their high school with. They aren’t the ones hand pistols to their 3 year olds. They aren’t the ones getting drunk and rage shooting their wife and kids.

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I wish you’d be a little more compassionate to lardasses. ;-p

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I wih you’d tell us how you really feel!!! LoL

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I wish you’d be a little more conservative with your use of exclamation points so there were some left for the rest of us.

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A bit more understanding of Satan and his fight for freedom and against tyranny.

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I wished @Dutchess_III would read the details of my question a bit better.

To the next Jelly: disregard my response, and do @ragingloli, please.

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I always wanted to do @ragingloli.

I wish you’d be a little less raging. It’s not good for your health and I worry about your blood pressure. Perhaps downgrade to @annoyedloli.

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I always wanted to do @cookieman.
I wish you would participate more. You don’t seem to be on here very much. I know you probably have a life, but come on, give a little more of yourself!

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@chyna I wish you’d be a bit more amenable to coming to visit us Easterners!

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@canidmajor i wish you’d change your profile and show us your canid major, or majors. ;)

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@snowberry I wish you could heal some of my aches and pains with your natural remedies.

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@janbb I wish you would talk more like a penguin and less like a human. I love reading your responses but reading it in the penguin language would be better.

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my life is complete

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@cookieman abd @chyna whores, both of you. :)

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@Jonsblond: Absolutely. Wanna join in??

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I wish @cookieman would be a bit more iinterspecies in his prgiastic fantasies.

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@janbb: Absolutely. Wanna join in??

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@cookieman Sure. Is it icy cold up there? (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!)

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Except for yesterday (which was 70°F !?!?), yes. It’s chilly today.

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Too bad. I have a date today for a hot orgy in Florida. Maybe tomorrow?

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Is there any other kind or orgy in Florida?

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^^ Well, there’s wet and steamy!

(And I just got a picture in my mind of a penguin and a cookie rolling around in the surf like the end of that Burt Lancaster movie. Who would crumble first?

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@cookieman So, you love Stella Dora better than me?

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Nah. She’s past her prime. You, on the other flipper…

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y’all skipped me

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I wish @SergeantQueen’s honorifics matched a bit better. Perhaps @MajorQueen or @GeneralQueen.

Also, I wish they would reach 10,000 Lurve soon because they deserve a big ole party.

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I’m blushing. I don’t have any critique. Cookies are my favorite, man.

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@cookieman I wish you’d be a little more gluten free.

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You and me both @raum.

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