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What are your favorite things to do in under the influence?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34514points) August 31st, 2008

Whats your favorite thing to do while under the influence of different substances? We all have our little routines or things we try and do every time, im sure. So lets hear about them.

Dont have time to share mine now, but ill post it later.

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I sometimes like to kill a bottle of white and a book, especially on a rainy day.

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Dancing! That’s the most consistent thing anyway….

what does a frisbee feel like??

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About 20 minutes after I start drinking, I get real motivated to excersize. So I’ll go outside, run down the street for about 5 minutes, get tired and walk back.

I look like an idiot when I do it, but I do it anyway.

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O god When I’m wasted….I don’t remember what I do.

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100 years ago, when I smoked pot, I would/could meticulously clean any area to within an inch of its life, scraping up the tiniest dust particles and leaving not even the briefest smear on the surface. Of course the area was rarely more than 2 square feet. I would also perform an excess of situps or pushups with perfect form.

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I’m boring, I love to watch tv when I’m feeling a buzz. Especially love to watch something funny. I’ve recently become addicted to Howard Stern on Demand.

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WWE and uh other things on demand.

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@mcbean, If you start smoking again let me know. You can come and clean my apartment…

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@trudacia: As long as it’s only about the size of a hampster cage. Because after that, I have to do my situps and go hunt down some brownies.

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McBean: Never mind the cleaning, I just want to be around when all that’s happening! Sounds like a hoot to watch! :)

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i love drawing while high.. or really just sitting and thinking. and eating :)

being drunk does nothing for me.. sure it’s fun for a while, but i really just don’t get it. makes my whole body sore and then the throwing up… ugh

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Trumi: Sometimes my friend and I run to the corner when we get drunk. We walk back too and mention to each other how dumb we feel.

We also flash boys during beer pong to distract them (or try to) and pee outside when the bathrooms are occupied.. and sometimes even when they aren’t.

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Alcohol-Rarely drink, but when i do, im at a party. Beer Pong=Awesome, overall though, alcohol is my least favorite. I dont really get the appeal.

LSD-Sit in the bathtub,with shower on as hot as i can handle it in both silence and darkness.(dont be stupid and drown yourself)Abstract thinking.I love how my mind works with LSD. Clearest thought process ever. Also listen to trippy music like Shpongle,or watch this

Mushrooms-Long nature walks at night. Trippy music.

MDMA-Care for a dance anyone? Bright flashy lights. Listening to music with a lot of bass. Raves

Marijuana-What dont i like doing high is a better question. Favorite things to do though are listen to music,surf the interwebs,look at my fish(fish + marijuana=win),sex sex and more sex, and watch cartoons. Everynight before i pass out, i like to watch some good old cartoons like angry beavers,ahhh! real monsters, rockos modern life, or earthworm jim. Then i lay there in bed for a while before i pass out coming up with the most ingenious ideas that will all be forgotten by morning because im too damn comfortable to get up and write them down.

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Wow, There is a lot worse thing in the world then I anticipated.

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@Necro what is that supposed to mean?

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Angry Beavers!!!!!!!

I chase after anything that moves.

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Favorite things? Under the influence?

I think I spent my entire sophomore year in college, under the influence…

No wait, I forget, but…

What was the question?

August 31, 2008, 2:09 PM EDT

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I fly the commercial passenger airplane just like any other workday.

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Last night, I discovered one thing I don’t like doing whilst drunk: dropping a burning hookah coal on my flip-flopped foot. Today I have a pretty impressive bubble on my toe.

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I love to skateboard on a few beers and some weed. I skate faster and think suicidal thoughts as I try and to thrash a ramp a new asshole. I have skated on acid and mushrooms a few times and have found I get totally in a zone. I fly around on my board and have found myself landing every trick I tried even ones I have never done before.

here is a little song about acid

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Drinking – Being social, listening to music, having good conversations

Mary Jane – I like everything on MJ, except being in large crowds of people or awkward social situations (yay panic attacks!). Listening to music, drawing, painting, cleaning, showering, having good conversation, eating, and of course sex is beyond amazing while high

LSD – Painting, listening to music, talking, being outdoors (hiking, camping, swimming), thinking, looking at cool stuff, playing with ooblek (cornstarch & water, try it)

Mushrooms – Spending the entire day outdoors, marveling at nature, thinking, looking at cool stuff, eating fruit with my Swiss Army knife

Ecstacy – Putting in party bulbs, geeking out on music, downloading and listening to music, talking to people

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Holy shit AlenaD the ooblek thing sounds like an awesome idea, will try next time.

Ice Breakers gum is awesome when your on E. Talk about a flavor explosion.

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Try drinking cola with mentos and alkaseltzer.

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@UB – You have NO idea. It’s totally fun stuff, even sober. I was a preschool teacher for a while and kids go totally nuts for ooblek. It’s the weirdest substance, like it’s wet and dry at the same time. It’s fun to run a fork through, stick your hands in, squeeze, and whatever else you can think of. You can add some food coloring if white is boring. :)

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Necroking go away – _—

AlenaD yea im familiar with it, very fun to play with, just never thought about doing it on acid

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[Fluther Moderator:] @NecroKing: I know this isn’t the most serious discussion in the world, but vague, off-topic one liners are against the Fluther Guidelines. Please post here in a more concise manner, and if you have a certain opinion then try to expand on it in a meaningful and constructive way. Good luck.

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Anything is entertaining to me when I am stoned. I love just sitting with friends and having random talks. Last night we smoked outside in the country, it was the perfect weather. The clouds were so visible in the night sky and we saw different figures in the clouds. One of my friends saw a cloud in the shape of a hand flipping everyone off, and I saw a tyrannosaurus Rex cloud. I, like Uber, enjoy watching cartoons. My faves are Ren and Stimpy, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Beavis and Butthead. My favorite part is just drifting off to sleep. I like relaxin. It really intrigues me when people clean compulsively when Theyre high.. My aunt loves cleaning and a few of your Flutherites do too! But I love cleaning in general. I feel like I am rambling, :)

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Weed- Like Uber said what don’t I like doing on weed…? For one thing there is no food left in the house the night after Im high. Sex is always good, watching cartoons, drawing, surfing the net, music (definitely music), I would like to go running sometime high always have the urge, sleeping, watching movies, coming up with crazy schemes. Oh and the revised version of beer pong, where instead of drinking beer you take an enormous hit of weed.

MDMA (E)- Dance dance dance (with my shirt off apparently), playing with clove cigarettes they make awesome trippy smoke swirls, “walking on the ceiling”, lookiing at Ubers fish tanks, listening to trippy ravy music, have deep thoughts, or very in depth conversation.

Mushrooms- Sitting by a fire, staring up at the trees, going for a walk, closing my eyes and letting my mind swirl into nothingness.

LSD- Not all that sure yet haven’t had a real good go at it yet. Although I made Uber walk me to the bathroom because I was convinced there was zombies in his basement. It was quite hilarious.

Alcohol – The lowest on my list of influences. I just don’t get it really “Yay Im drunk….oh oh god oh god :: vomit everywhere…...::” Yea just doesn’t phase me. But when I am drunk I like to laugh a lot, and fall down stairs. Beer Pong is fun.

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Alcohol: What I like to do is inversely proportionate to how likely I am to get to do it…have sex! As a woman, I’m more amorous, but the (also drunk) man is less able! Dammit.

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@augustian, you haven’t met ME! :)

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I have fun doing creative things when I drink. Guitar, writing, singing, drumming.

I don’t touch the other stuff. I have too active an imagination.

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@Knotmyday too active an imagination!?! is there such a thing? If anything the “other stuff” will just make your imagination better and your thoughts much much more interesting ^_^

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I don’t know, uberbatman. I was one of those who would let their imagination get away with them and become completely freaked out by normal things.

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Don’t tell me to go away.

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I don’t know, maybe you might have gotten the hint from your removed post that no one likes an overly judgemental thread hijacker? I mean, if you’re anti-drug, can you perhaps voice that in a more constructive fashion?

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to further what AlenaD said, if your antidrug, voice it in a more constructive way, and somewhere else. This thread has nothing to do with pros and cons of drugs. I only asked what you like to do under the influence of them. So you really shouldn’t have even said anything in the first place.

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I usually have to stop following any question you guys answer.

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I don’t know why.. I’m just convinced they’re the same person. :-/ could be wrong..

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@thehaight, they won’t respond until tomorrow. It’s past their bedtime…

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It’s never past my bed time.

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[Fluther Moderator:] You misinterpret me telling you to clean up your act with telling you to leave. I don’t want you out of here, but you do need to read the guidelines before you continue to participate. This is your final warning.

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I don’t know why but when i’m high i listen to “Zero sum” on Halo33 (NIN) on repeat and scrape my nails against different surfaces. It’s weird but it feels amazing. And that song is just perfect when your high. Like all the sounds just get all enhanced

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Now that football season has officially started, there’s nothing better than sharing a few six packs with some friends and watching the NY Giants! Superbowl Champs I might add….

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I’ve only been drunk but I’m afraid of long term effects of alcohol and drugs in general.

Alcohol doesn’t really appeal to me at all and I hate being hungover. When I’m drunk I usually just dance with my friends in a club and talk to the strangest of people :)

I’d like to try other substances though but I’m scared about becoming addicted.

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