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What are some companies, that are/were generally held in high regard, but never really deserved their accolades?

Asked by ragingloli (49097points) January 13th, 2020

For example: Tesla, Apple and Bethesda.

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Royal family plc.

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Victoria’s Secret. I don’t know if it’s “High regard” I guess but it definitely is not deserving of all the hype, although I am hypocritical for saying this because I shop there once a year during sales.

The controversy with them only having skinny models that have to meet some tough requirements. + The Having a transgender model would ruin the fantasy remark.
And the owner investigating his company for supposed ties to Jeffrey Epstein?

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Coca-Cola Inc.

Philip Morris Corp.

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@SergeantQueen -My problem with VS is the actual products are not very well made.

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@lucillelucillelucille and very expensive…. $54 for a bra

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@SergeantQueen-Yep.One thing I will give them credit for is a brilliant marketing campaign.

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