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What's a good real estate company name?

Asked by drpoop (83points) November 14th, 2009

I have a friend who is starting their own real estate sales company, what would be a good name that sounds nice and people will remember?

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“Land Ho” Real Estate

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In da house!
yeahh, boyyeeee

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Look to Us for Closure

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“Welcome Home Realty”

“Castle Home Realty”

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@ratboy – I have seen that line in an ad for a funeral home, heheheh!

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nice ideas, but maybe something more serious, also what some of you posted is more like a motto.
ps: it’s for new england area

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At Home Realty
Welcome Home Realty
Our House Realty

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@drpoop Why kind of real estate sales? Commercial or residential? If residential – luxury or more general residential?

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What makes this company different? Will they have a specialty? Does the owner have an interesting story, last name, hobby?

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Here people use their names; that way it is easy to remember whom you are dealing with.

Drpoop, Inc.

MiloandGail Realtors

Ratboy & son.

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Your New House

Kind of a play on the show “This Old House”.

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it’s residential,
she has a french background

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@gailcalled I was thinking “Dr. Poop’s Properties” myself.

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Where is the company located? Do they focus on a particular customer? I work for Hot Tropic Properties. We are in Florida. I used to work for Elite Estates Realty.

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located in boston

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This is it!
Home to Home
Home from Home
A New Life Properties

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Harbor Realty

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Chateau Realty

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Villa Realty
Villa Homes
The Real Villa

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Revere Realty (if that’s not already taken)

(Paul Revere’s dad was born Apollos Rivoire in France and came to Boston when he was 13 to apprentice as a silversmith)

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She should just use her name.

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We don’t know the last name, do we? Maybe I missed it. It could be a bad one.

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You should make a commercial like this
Just sayin’

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Century vingt-et-un.

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There was a local realtor around here named WEIR REALTY. I always figured the addition of a couple more letters would make it more suitable to my way of thinking. WEIRD REALITY.

Hey, that might make a nice Fluther name.

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“Homes for you”, from “house to home” , “Welcome Homes” or just the person’s surname like “smith homes” ,
hugs xx

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EffyouseekayING HOUSING!

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@rooeytoo FYI, there actually is a Land Ho Realty Co. That was going be my answer until I googled it.

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Essential Residential
Brahmin Bungalows
Beantown Bungalows
Kind Heart Realty (Boston being the city of kind hearts)
Down East Domiciles
Down East Dwellings
Full Nest Homes
Patriot Properties

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Park the car in Harvard yard Realty.

MissA's avatar

Boston Poops Realty
Just Another Realtor
Sign and Go Realty
Sirius Realtors
Big Shoe Realtors

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I’m a Realtor and I love Land Ho Realty! I can see the motto now, “We guarantee a Happy Ending!”

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