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Do you prefer to buy organic foods?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2352points) January 14th, 2020

Or does it matter to you?

Sometimes I wonder on it, but I have watched some things about organically grown food. For me when it comes to produce if it has a skin you can’t eat, I usually might buy the non-organic, but with an edible skin I usually go for the organic. Your thoughts?

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They are over priced so I don’t buy organic.

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Same as @chyna, plus (having worked on a farm for four years) I learned that there is no real evidence that herbicides marked “organic” are any better for you than traditional herbicides.

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I usually don’t but I grow veggies & some herbs so in the summer I get a lot.

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I gave up trying to find inorganic food.

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I am in the main indifferent, but will often consider organic products when given the choice.

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Agreed with the others, there is no real difference, and not for the price.

Sure, there are the elitist who will disagree, but they’re free to buy their own stuff.

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Many people mistakenly think that organic means “not pesticides” which is not the case. I don’t usually go for organic stuff, unless it’s something that looks exceptional, or the price is right, or there’s no alternative.

My sister will pay $5 for organic ketchup at Whole Foods and stuff like that. I don’t do that.

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@jca2: Exactly. There are traditional pesticides (which we know are not good for us), and certified organic pesticides (which claim to be better for us, but there’s not enough evidence yet to support the claim).

No pesticides is best, but generally unrealistic outside of maybe your own small garden.

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Animal products, probably. There are quality small farms in my area. Produce, some yes, some no, depending.

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Not after viewing Marketplace documentary about organic ripoffs.
They went to Farmers markets and discovered that some vendors had just purchased store bought items and presented them as “organic”.
Also the cost is too high for for my budget.
Here they have started a Community Garden and these are genuine fresh picked and cheaper too.

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