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What is the speed of Darkness?

Asked by SunitaMishra (15points) 1 month ago

As there is speed of light so there should be speed of darkness, just curious to know if there is any theory around that.

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Darkness isn’t a thing as such it’s merely the absence of light therefore it can’t have a speed.

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I suppose you could say that it is the same as the speed of light. If you have a light source and turn it off, the end of the light and beginning of the darkness travel at the speed of light.

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“As there is speed of light so there should be speed of darkness”

No, since darkness is merely the lack of light.

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There has got to be a rule that this question appears every few years on QA sites.

Yeah, dark isn’t something. Dark is something leaving.

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It’s like some kind of zen koan, what is the speed of not-falcon, all other possible speeds.

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Woah. I like zen koans.

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

What is my true face before my mother and father were born?

Does not the nutsack need kicking?

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