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What do you think would happen if all borders opened up?

Asked by JLeslie (58630points) 4 weeks ago from iPhone

All borders around the world.

Would wars break out?

What countries do you think would have the largest influx of people, and the largest exodus?

If a lot of people left a country would that help the country to change?

Would the countries start competing for population if they lost a lot of population?

How do you picture a world of open borders?

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You mean some what like the EU??

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Canada has open borders East to West etc
Most people move to where the jobs and the economy are more stable.Smaller Towns would lose its population perhaps and become ghost towns?

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@Inspired_2write I think @JLeslie between countries not inter country.
But I could be wrong.

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All countries let everyone in and out. You can become a resident anywhere.

Canada is a single country, and so is America, and Mexico, and the many countries around the world with states and provinces. I’m not talking about living from one local to another within a country. The EU has an agreement for years now, and already has open borders.

Let’s say everyone can go everywhere. If all of Syria wants to go to Germany, America, or Jordan, they will never be refused where they go. If a lot of Americans want to move to Australia and Spain, no problem they can just walk in, become residents, work, etc.

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The question has to be asked in a context.

It’s one thing to have open borders (for tourism) and quite another thing to allow the new arrivals to work in the new country. Does your question imply that people who cross borders could find work and be employed in the new country?

Population-wise, having no borders would mean that over a generation or two, there would be no more “white countries” like Scandinavia, Britain, Canada, US, Germany, etc. All countries would have a significant minority of non-whites, be they Asian, African, middle-eastern or whatever. Over time, given population trends, non-whites would be the predominant population group in all countries.

Economics are a whole different thing.

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People will simply be more nomadic and follow opportunity. Barriers to the “good life” will become more economic as it will cost more and more to live in the nice, safe areas. Money will be the one thing that can stop a large influx of people. Wages will be driven down almost everywhere also. On the flip side nobody will have to put up with bad gov’t and leaders around the world will have to cater to the people they want in their country more. There will be a new low class that will be more or less unwelcome in most places and a new upper class that gov’t will beg to come. If you’re free to leave and go anywhere then war will stop over resources. Who would fight? Gov’t won’t be waging too much live action war. They will wage economic wars by proxy. What will happen is ethnicity, class and other social stratifications will essentially be at war constantly. Social programs will likely collapse or disappear entirely in most countries. Sounds like eventually we would have a brave new world style dystopia.

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Terrorists would be rampant. Your premise is that only good people would cross boarders. It would be evil people, too.

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It probably wouldn’t work since what was it like BEFORE?
There was a reason that they started Passports etc
Each country would have problems tracking everyone ( taxes would go down).
Smaller countries would lose population numbers significantly.
If the world were a peace loving place & individuals, it might work but not when weapons abound?

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This is so unlikely to occur that I don’t feel the need to think much about it. However, with climate change, the internet and income inequality becoming increasing stressors, I think there will be more and more refugees fleeing from poorer or war-torn nations and we will need to develop both reasonable and humane methods to deal with them.

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^^^You mean not a wall with a moat filled with poisonous snakes and alligators?

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@SQUEEKY2 Yeah, that would be a slight improvement!

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@janbb Yes! Great point. There will be more and more climate refugees. Some will stay within their own country, but some will need or want to cross borders.

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@JLeslie and @janbb I wonder if we would suddenly see a lot of action from our politicians, finally trying to stop global warming.

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@longgone I went to a lecture about migration, and the lecturer brought up that his biggest concern is climate change, and specifically in the Middle East. I don’t know if that will touch countries like America enough to make drastic changes. I also don’t know how motivated countries in the Middle East are regarding climate change. Many of those countries like to sell their oil. It seems to me when chaos breaks out in the Middle East instead of migrating in big numbers to other parts of the Middle East they seek to go to Europe and America. I’m not sure of the statistics on that.

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No it is not at all like back before borders were drawn.
Back then the planet was not populated with humans as densely as it is now, and they were way less mobile… lots of people never left the area where they were born.

As far as it being like the EU… only if all the rest of the countries are abiding by EU trade regulations, too, regarding labeling and quality.

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