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Hypothetical question, If they outlawed smearing and mud slinging in political elections, which side do think could win?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20610points) January 31st, 2020

Our provincial NDP party tried it a few years back and got beat bad at that election.
Do you think your party of choice could win, if they campaigned on their platform only no mud slinging, name calling, fear mongering, just plain honesty?

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You say “outlaw” as in, make it illegal? It is an interesting concept, especially since most politicians act like third graders. But I suspect what you would find is a slew of law suits against each other (political opponents) claiming they smeared or slung some mud. That is the mentality you are working with.

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I fear your probably right.^

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You can’t disallow free speech. It’s a ridiculous question.

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Of course the Democrats. There‚Äôs no limit to how dirty the Republicans can play in order to win. Without hateful tactics in politics trump would still be what he really is…a sleazy hotelier, failed casino businessman and reality TV show celebrity.

No need to outlaw the filthy practice…voters could choose not to support any asshole politician, especially from their own party.

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Let me see, we have thought police and word police and we can determine “intent” so i don’t see it being different from now.

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It’s a no-win situation anyway you look at it.

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The Honest ethical one would win by NOT stooping to lower levels of behavior.

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@Inspired_2write That didn’t work the time the BC NDP party tried it ,it was nice to see them run a clean campaign but the BC Liberals didn’t they flung more muck than usual during that election and the NDP lost big time to them.

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Honesty doesn’t seem work in politics, both sides lie like no tomorrow Trump is the king of lies and will most likely get reelected even after getting impeached.

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It was too bad that the fad to try negative tactics was used in promoting there agendas.
Hopefully they all learned what went wrong as Conservatives lost using that tactic miserably.

Andrew Scheer kept harping on Trudeau instead of outlaying his platform to the Public, which left them wondering WHAT did he stand for?

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