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What are the best nicknames you've heard?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34320points) February 5th, 2020

For yourself or others?

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My friend Jeff was elected President of a well known society service club for men in sna Francisco. Ever since then he has been call Jefe.

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@zenvelo -Learned a new word, thanks! That’s pretty good.
I knew a guy who called his friend “Brunswick” I was surprised Brunsy didn’t strike him. lol
This same guy looked like Barney Rubble and had a larger, dark haired friend who looked like….. Fred. true story

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I was Willy due to…well, you know why!
Any kid wearing glasses was automatically given the nickname Joe 90

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@ucme – As in when will-he take those glasses off?
what’s Joe 90?

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@ucme -I don’t know Joe but the theme song is groovy!

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@lucillelucillelucille It surely is!
He was a puppet sci-fi detective type kid & wore these huge big glasses…hence the nickname craze.

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@ucme -There was a show similar to that here but I can’t remember the name now. I always liked the cartoons.Bugs Bunny being my favorite.h

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@ucme-—Idk what that little h is there for but I’m leaving it .

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Met a scrawny little guy called moose. I found it amusing, then learned it was no joke.

I was dubbed “relentless” by an employer back in the day. It was a term of respect. I called him brawny, as his picture should be on the paper towels.

I called my husband Dinky, but not for the reason people thought. It referenced the character Dinky Dragon, because his morning breath could kill weeds.

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@Patty_Melt -Too funny!
The Brawny paper towel guy is hot! I used to think the crown went to Mr. Clean. or Mr. Bubble if you like zany. XD

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@lucillelucillelucille If you read back your answer insanely fast then the h makes sense.

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@ucme -It does! If you read it back 5 times fast while holding your tongue with the salad tongs you will learn the meaning of life.

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Luv-Muffin Hehe I do it to be a jerk.

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@RabidWolf – I just now saw your answer. I completely forgot that I had asked this question a mere three months ago.
Ah well.

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