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What's the origin of your username?

Asked by segdeha (1720points) March 9th, 2008

Some folks have straightforward usernames, based on their name. Others go for something more cryptic. A couple of fellow Flutherererers have asked me about mine. What about yours?

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Well, my name is Steve…

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Mine is my name+the first letter of my last name, however, I use many different usernames across the intarwebz.
For example, I used to use Lulu here and there which was based on a nickname I had in real life which, in turn, had something to with my ethnicity I believe.
Then I’ve taken to using Vinnl more recently, which consists of the first three letters of my name + my country code (NL = The Netherlands) which I also found to sound funny ;-)
Note that that’s just two of the many usernames I’ve used, most of them quite stupid, but well, many usernames often are already taken (Youtube, anyone?)...

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My younger brother is who calls me squirbel. When we were younger, he said he couldn’t decide if I looked more like a squirrel or a gerbil [cheeks].

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Valahlla (Norse / Scandinavian mythology) is home of the souls of heroes slain in battle (and others who have died bravely). Heaven for fallen heroes, as opposed to the underworld where everyone else would go – according to the myth. I am extremely patriotic, in the military and very much in support of our troops, so it’s a tribute our military and everything we fight for.

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I study brown lemurs.

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Riser is my “last name.”

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I’m big, and my name starts with Dom.

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The name of my Music Production company is called Speaker-Head Productions.

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lightly seared on the reality grill

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My last name is Calder and I like the pun.

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Now, Seg; I’ve told you mine. Turnabout is fair play, remember?

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My name is Patrick and I have a friend who calls me Perchik. I love the name so I use it for usernames often.

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I prefer short logins and passwords whenever I can get away with it. I suppose the rest is self explanatory, except to say that I realize it the dissonance between it and and the mood of my pic.

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@gailcalled, OK, OK. I’ll fess up. You’re seated, right? Because the story is bound to put you to sleep and I don’t want to be responsible for you bumping your head on the coffee table or anything… :-)

I’ve worked a few places where the preferred username for email is your first initial followed by your last name. When I started working at University of New Mexico a few years ago, I tried to sign up on the school’s system using that scheme. But, some first year student had managed to snag the coveted /nick just a few weeks earlier.

So, I reversed it. First name = Andrew. Last name = Hedges. Nick was gonna be ahedges. Reversed = segdeha.

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@Valhalla – so why the 30?

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I want to hear from Zaku! And delirium! And gooch!

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And hossman! Where the heck is hossman?

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A friend used to add -ster to describe things and/or to create instant nicknames for friends such as snackster or jokester, etc. This led to the creation of mcbealer: my favorite show at the time was Ally Mcbeal, and mcbealer sounded better than mcbealster.

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segdeha: i wonder where hossman is, too sometimes. i would send him a basket of cookies if i could.

mine is the name of a catipillar that once saved me from a rabid elephant-riding octopus. he was a noble and valiant creature, although i never will understand his compulsive flossing and carrying on about the recent decline in elite shuffleboard competition.

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Someone should leave hossman a cake. We can take turns leaving them on his doorstep every few months. After a while, maybe he’d feel like coming onto Fluther and asking a question about it…

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@segdeha: the cake is a lie

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It started when I needed a nickname for Habbo Hotel. I somehow came up with klaas, but it wasn’t available. So I tried klaas1: not available. klaas2: not available. klaas3: not available. klaas4? Available. So I decided that my nickname for my life would be klaas4.

The End. :-)

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first and first 3 of last and age I keep it simple!

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Two years ago i acquired an eight string classical guitar. It has completely revived my passion for playing and teaching music and although I am approaching the age for so-called retirement, I feel like I am just getting started, again.

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when I was in sales my dads friend gave me all his expensive suits, and when I had hair it was cool LOL… So a guy in the office started calling me dash riprock… I think he was a charater on the flintstones from hollyrock ( at least that is what he said) over time it turned into riprock… 96 was the year my son was born. Hence riprock96

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Also the name of a southern rock band from the late 80s.

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I’m an Audiologist named Katherine

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Vincentt – it is a number I normally like, but a number I dislike since I will be that age at the end of this year! Ahhhhh!

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my uncle used to call me beenzy and my birthday is June 7th sooo beenzy7

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its my favorite character from neil gaiman’s sandman comics. The rainbow haired anthropomorphic personificatoin of delirium.

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I’m glad I asked this question. So much creativity on Fluther! :-)

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Mine’s is from the pride I have in the Boston Celtics…..... CelticPride

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Mine is a anagram of my cats name.

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My cat’s very old. My /nick is an anagram for an apt description of her…

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She aged?

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I was thinking Aged, she, but yes you got the right words! :-)

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I propose a new rule for Fluther: all new usernames must be anagrams of existing usernames.

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Have been, and still am a fan of those who made the ‘Scientific’ contribution during WWII

“Im glad I asked this question. So much creativity on Fluther! :-)”
No false modesty runs in your family….You have it all….!

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Hashad is my middle name… Never have been able to get a straight answer from my parents about its origin.

I love it now but hated it when I was younger. I try to snag it as a login whenever I can.

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I lost a eye I dont want to say how so please dont ask I have a tattoo on my arm like this (1i)

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Pup ‘n’ Taco was a Southern California fast-food restaurant in the ‘60s and ‘70s, bought up & demolished by Taco Bell. Their logo and name lapsed as an inactive, dead trademark – so I snagged it as the name of my blog I talk about ‘70s SoCal memories, grilling & cocktails, music, and miscellaneous crap. Plus I think the name is just funny and kinda dirty. Mike Rowe agrees.

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I can anagram to lilac glade and do grow lilacs here in the spring but I like gailcalled much better. My last name used to be Wald and I called our summer house, crawling w. drop-in guests, “Walled in.”

And, @seg; I can’t remember how many languages I tried for segheda – including English. Andrew is a nice name, BTW. Not so, hag seed, or heed gas.

We have sndfreQ (I know origin of that) rovdog, who now seems to be off the radar, poser, figbash (I know that one too),

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Kimbo Slice is an urban bare knuckle boxer who fights other ghetto guys in a boatyard for money. His most popular fight is his fight against an actual UFC fighter who Kimbo barely lost to in his only loss of his career

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my name is patty. They call me pattycake, took off patty and added my favorite number.

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I, lurid, me?!

Red Ilium (which i like significantly more)

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Worn Lumber.

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Pick Her! (ironically that’s the answer to the question in my life)

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Okay Gooch was my nick name in elementary school after an episode of Different Strokes. The Gooch was a bully who beat up Arnold. My last name is French in origin, Gauthier which is pronounced go cha .The nickname was ironic because I was small in comparison to the rest of the kids. I was too small to be a bully so it was a joke.

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@delirium, Like Troy burning?

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Or the upper part of each half of the pelvis.

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Isn’t that spelked “ileum”, which of course anagrams to “I lured ‘em”, which works, too.

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@delirium; your face indeed looks as tho it might launch a thousand ships.

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Segdeha: it comes from ilia (latin)... so I don’t think so, but both are probably correct.

Haahahaha, thank you Gail. I’m blushing terribly! I’ll have to be wary of Paris. I wouldn’t want to start any conflict.

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Anagram = a cunt pop

LOL :?

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I grew up in Hawaii – the spirit of Aloha will always be in my heart. Plus it is short, sweet & easy to remember.

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my anagram is Halo A
not too many options from “aloha”

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Kimbo Slice = mobile sick & bi so lick me. Coincidence?

(Couldn’t resist)

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Dead Poet’s Society- they were in the ‘indian cave’ reading their stuff and one kids pulls out the lipstick and renames himself…remember the scene? love the movie, in my top five.

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I loved that movie. I watched it with my boyfriend and cried my eyes out. It just about broke my heart.

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I’ve worked in transportation last 20+ years. Passenger rail transportation last 18.

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Edward Gorey is one of my all-time favorite authors. The Figbash is odd, shape-shifting character from one of his stories, that takes on letters of the alphabet.

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Mine is just a form of my name: B. Reed Mitchell
Red Hell Bitch
Too many anagrams!

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Glial Cells : Supportive tissue of the brain

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How old is klass4

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Speaking on his behalf, as his surrogate American mom and his grammar coach (which he needs very rarely), he just turned 14 and has the intelligence of a superior being. He is fun, also.

And he is Klaas4, from a small town in the Netherlands. He is now, as we speak, setting up a bilingual website – Dutch and English. We should all handle our native tongue as well as he.

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Klaas4, I’m still wondering how on earth you came up with Klaas. I mean, it’s very different from Davey. Were you a big fan of sinterklaas? :P

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Haha! Actually, I stopped believing quite early. A pity tough, it’s always fun to watch kids get presents. :-)

(Sinterklaas is a kind of Santa Clause, but every year he comes by boat to the Netherlands from Spain, to give kids presents trough the chimney riding on his horse. See

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So where does the name Klaas come from? ;-)

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It just came up. IT WAS DESTINY! :-)

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a slightly exaggerated kiwi pronunciation of my name- really it would be more like stiff-y hmm…

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It’s just my real name under a different guise.

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In a vehicle collision there are multiple collisions, for example.

The primary collision is the most obvious (a car strikes a tree) but there are more to follow:

This causes the car to strike a car in oncoming traffic..

In that car a passenger’s knee collides with the lower console.

This chain of events is known as the crash sequence.

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Mine is from 3 Death Note (popular anime) character’s names mixed together.
Therefore, BBawlight.

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