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Do you go with your gut?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) August 31st, 2008

When you just have a hunch, do you follow that gut feeling? Or do you perhaps take a more logical approach and figure out the most sensible option? What exactly is it that sets off that lightbulb for you that just says “You need to do this,”?

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No, my gut goes with me! sorry, couldn’t pass it up!

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I always follow my instincts. When I have to make a choice about something, I figure the over-riding feeling is probably my subconscious telling me what I truly desire. Trying to over-analyze things only makes it more complicated for me. So if it feels right, I just do it.

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I really try to follow my gut, but then I feel foolish if my mind is not agreeing. My mind usually wins out, and I ALWAYS regret it! Had I been following my gut all these years, I would have so many sad (albeit kind of funny, in a sad sort of way) stories to tell.

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I tend to go with my gut half the time.
I am an accountant by training and I am supposed to be detail oriented, methodical and analytical and I can evaluate situations using numbers all day long and I can make decisions on that basis.

However, I use gut instinct to make decisions more often that I would ordinarily admit, but, and this is the important qualifier, I only follow gut reactions NOT to do something. Sometimes you see a lousy option or suggestion or deal or proposal and based on my years of experience I just say no, it is wrong, it stinks, etc..
Right off the bat.
And I am usually right.
Maybe some of this comes from growing up as a street kid in the Bronx where you learn to use your sixth sense in order to avoid conflict or “touchy’ situations. I don’t know.


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i think of every possibility, then i think “on the other hand…”. i also sometimes like to see people reactions to different things.

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A lot of the time I go with my gut because I think that later I would regret not going with it. So if my mind is just saying “awww I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t”... I just go with my gut. But of course if my mind is telling me “NO NO NO THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE”... I listen to it.

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….“Do you go with your gut?”

I have to. It’s out in front and leads the way…..

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Never, but I have learned my lesson now TO because there have been too many times when I didn’t.

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I always remember the advice my deputy headmaster gave in his leaving speech. “Trust your instincts, they’re usually right.” Sometimes your subconscious opinion is must better informed than your conscious logical one. Works for me!

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