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Do you laugh at the expense of others?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) August 31st, 2008

Come on, admit it…even though it’s not very becoming, everyone does this at some point in time. But where do you draw the line? When is it okay to poke fun, and when is it just unacceptable?

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i’m an er doctor

today, i heard about a demented patiet who had a table fall on his head and he vommited. i guffawed so loudly i startled half our nurses. granted, this is not as bad as flicking off a box of kittens, but it’s up there

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I love slapstick! I still can’t believe that the Three Stooges were never even nominated for an Academy award.

But if the person in front of you is physically OK, and has a sense of humor, laugh your arse off!

I laugh at myself in those same situations, and I’m glad to have provided the material for someone else’s enjoyment, even at the expense of my pride (which needs to die anyway!)

But I know plenty of people who can’t ever let you laugh at something they did wrong. That’s sad.

I mean, look at AFV! They’ve built an empire encouraging us to giggle at groin shots!

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I have laughed, on occasion, when a someone’s fallen in a comical way. I don’t mean to, but I can’t help it. A few times come to mind. Once, in high school gymnastics, a team member forgot to put her hands out during a dive cartwheel. It looked as though she just decided to jump up and dive head first into the mat. I still laugh when I think about it today – 25 years later!

Another time was when an overly drunk and very prissy friend, dressed in her Easter finery, fell over like a felled tree at a lovely, crowded restaurant in La Jolla and knocked down two outdoor lamps. It was like slow-motion dominos. I laughed myself sick, though I tried not to. I may have had a sip too many, myself.

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@stratman; I LOVE AFV! It’s one of the only shows that literally makes me LOL.

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I do, but only if I know someone hasn’t been hurt. I, in all honesty, do not see anything funny about someone being hurt. Ever.

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@drasticdreamer – people getting hurt pays my bills

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Indeed, it does. People get hurt all the time, of course, but it doesn’t mean it’s funny. When I say I don’t laugh when people get hurt – I mean seriously injured. For instance, if someone does something stupid, falls down and lands funny, but managed to bruise a knee in the process… Yeah, it’s funny.

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I should say that neither of the people I mentioned above were seriously hurt by their bumbling falls. In the case of the second person, I don’t even think she noticed.

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of course. I’m immature and insecure.

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When ever someone hurts themselves, I pause, make sure it’s not too serious, then laugh my ass off. Even if the person does get hurt, say breaks an arm, later I might laugh about it. I do find I’m laughing with the person and not at the person. I laugh when I fall all the time.

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It’s always funny until someone gets hurt – then it’s hilarious!

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um, you have to draw a line somewhere. You have to quit at sometime.

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I make sure know one is hurt, help them past there own insecurities about it the laugh my own fool ass off.

And I fully expect them to laugh at me. I sure do.

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A little self-deprecation is good for the soul. I’ll laugh with any time.

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Nothing like a good fall, I say. I love seeing people fall or recount when they fall down. I work in education and I see kids trip and fall over things all the time. Most people rush over to help them. I turn the other way and laugh loudly. Uncontrollable fits of laughter at times.

Recently, I managed to fall down a flight of stairs. I did so while holding on to an empty coffee mug. I sat on the last step with my bleeding elbow and laughed an entire 120 seconds at myself. I was in pain. I think I hit my tailbone. But it was funny. All I could think of was how ridiculous that must have looked if I could have seen it.

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