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Can you help me find a florist?

Asked by raum (9800points) February 12th, 2020 from iPhone

I want to deliver some lily of the valley to Fairfax, CA.

But can’t seem to find an online florist that carries it. :(

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Colma has the florists. The town industry is almost exclusively cemeteries. I’m certain any one of them should be able to tell you where to locate the lilies in Marin.

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I’ll email my friend in Lafayette who’s a florist and see if she knows if lilies of the valley are available now. She is often at the flower market in SF.

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That’s a good idea, @stanleybmanly. I’ll try calling some local florists today.

Thanks, @janbb! I think they’re supposed to be in season in the spring?

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The penguin’s suggestion is probably better than my own. The flower market is a huge concentration of flower wholesalers, any one of which should quickly steer you to a source

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Just talked to the friend who said they also recently had a request for lilies of the valley and didn’t have success so the client went with lilacs instead. They don’t appear to be widely available right now. She said they might be at the flower market but not likely that a florist has them in stock.

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I imagine you wanted them sent in an arrangement or potted in soil but if you are interested, you can get the tubers here which can then be planted when the time’s right.
I was given some tubers years ago and the whole side of my garden in covered in them. They smell great too.
Good luck :)

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You might have some luck here. I’ve never used them because I have a local florist who has NEVER failed me, but I do have some friends who swear by them!!!

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I just had an excellent dealing with Northgate Florists in San Rafael. They delivered a potted rose and orchid for me. (415) 479–3325. If she can’t help, she can tell you who can.

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