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Can ice melt go bad?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41651points) 1 week ago

I have ice melt that I have kept on the back deck in an empty joint compound plastic bucket. It had a lid.
Well, after about 2 years the lid broke and the bucket got full of water. I just kind of ignored it.
Well, we have ice so I grabbed the bucket and a metal spade and began spreading the last of the ice melt…and it doesn’t seem to be doing any thing.
Did I kill my ice melt?

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My icemelt isn’t melting the ice. I just wondered how it could have been rendered useless. It’s just two simple chemicals, both of them are elements, magnesium and chloride

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Yes. Put it in the corner for 20 minutes for going bad.

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It’s been in the corner of the deck for 2 years!

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No. But you might have to take a hammer to it to get it back into a useful consistency.

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I think the water has run over a couple of times with the salt going out with the rain. If you have 25 gallons of rain water run through the the five gallon joint compound cracked top; almost all the ice melt is gone.

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Ice melt doesn’t go bad, it IS bad. It is bad for plants and grass and bad for the creeks it runs off in.

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@Tropical_Willie it wasn’t even a 4th full and under a roof so none was flowing away. And the lid broke fairly recently, like within the last 2 months.

It didn’t clump @kritiper. There was still water in it.

@zenvelo, what does it do?

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@Dutchess_lll You’re not supposed to let the water get in it, silly…

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It was unintentionally. The lid finally became compromised.

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Captain, we’ve been compromised. We must take action.

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@zenvelo why are those elements bad?

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