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How do I know if olives have gone bad?

Asked by theabk (683points) August 11th, 2009

I have a few jars of olives (green ones stuffed with pimientos) in the fridge. They’ve already been opened; I’m not sure when but it was at least a few months ago. I’m sure official guidelines say this is too long, but is it really? What do I look for to see if they’re still OK to eat (besides taste)?

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They are sitting in brine. They may be saltier, but I doubt if there are any pathogens.

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They stick guns in your face when you open the jar?

And generally the brine does keep them edible for quite a while. However, if you see something growing on the surface I would think it is time to get rid of them.

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Thanks for the advice. I used them – they tasted fine and I cooked them anyway.

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They’ve gone bad when they start forming gangs and you open your fridge to find graffiti on other jars.

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R U shitting me?

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Usually, they eventually discolor (a rather odd gray shade that looks unhealthy), but they keep fairly well.

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