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Best time to launch an online product for Christmas?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (687points) February 16th, 2020

I am working on an online product and trying to work backwards from the holiday season to determine the best month to launch.

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After Remembrance day November 11th in Canada . Or Veterans day in USA. Which is also November 11th. People think it is rude to go sooner.

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I would do a soft launch in July. Play up the “Christmas in July” thing. Get the word out. Start taking preorders. Collect contact info. Create an early demand.

Then, through August, push a social media campaign full of personality to keep up interest. All pointing toward full September launch.

Then you can run something like “The Months of Berrrrr” specials. Septem*ber*, Octo*ber*, etc. with monthly specials pushing toward delivery in time for Christmas.

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Waiting until November is too late, because many people make buying and wish list decisions earlier.

It really depends on what the product is. If it is something people would get excited about giving as a gift, but is ephemeral like an on line game, better to market it as a coming attraction starting in early September, with a release on Black Friday.

If you are planning to sell a physical product, start advertising at Labor Day. The Labor Day Sunday paper is one of the big advertising insert days, because people start wondering what’s new on the market.

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