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How good is this MarketAmerica/ stuff?

Asked by Mr_Saturn512 (558points) September 12th, 2014

A friend is trying to get me into this. It’s a lot to explain but I was wondering if any critics are already knowledgeable on here about this kind of online shopping/marketing thing. He gave me all these links and apparently Bill Gates is investing in He posts pics on Facebook all the time of these huge conferences he goes to. It seems legit but at the same time I’m wary. I don’t have the time to go in too deep but the basic cashback thing sounds interesting, and yet too good to be true. I’m looking up youtube videos and seeing that some people call it a “pyramid scheme” while those who are in it see it as “multi-level marketing”.

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I don’t know about this in particular.

But my personal rule of thumb has always been: If I – a reasonably intelligent person -can’t understand the mechanism, then it is ripe for cheating – it’s probably a scam.

Clearly you have sniffed something shaky about this. I would stay away.

I would also want to independently verify the Bill Gates connection – that sounds real shady.

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The thing is this company was mentioned in the Today show, so it’s not SO obscure that it hasn’t gotten media attention at all. The links he gave me were from random news blog sites or whatever saying how Bill Gates has been an investor in the company since around 1997.

I watched a long-ass introductory video and it described several ways to generate income. It’s implied that you have to generally pay $300 or so as a subscription fee to own a franchise or whatever. It’s hard to explain and I remember asking my friend about it but it’s like trying to understand Chinese. For some reason I still don’t get it. But then they say you can just be a sales rep and get the whole cashback thing – which makes me suspect that’s really an illusion of making money – you spend money on items but then get a small percentage back and I guess it FEELS like you’re making money but you’re really not? Something like that? And you can’t actually generate successful income unless you pay like $300 or so bucks and get really involved. That’s how I interprete it – it’s all very confusing.

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