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Have you ever participated in a strike?

Asked by Demosthenes (15044points) February 19th, 2020

Grad students at UCSC are striking demanding an increase in pay to cover the high cost of living in the area (I believe the strike is also affecting UC Berkeley). I bring this up because I am also a T.A., though in light of this news I am glad I decided to leave the Bay Area for grad school. I have some sympathy for them, but will not be surprised if they are fired, as the UC president is threatening to do.

I have never participated in a strike. Have you or have you been tempted to? Do you have sympathy with strikers (in what situations)?

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Yes. Participating is part of my present job.

It’s a lot of fun and anybody who wants to can join the picket line. I tell people it’s your chance to yell and scream in the street, if you’re into that. I’m loud enough that I don’t need a megaphone, although my voice will get hoarse after a while.

It’s inspiring and exciting, I think.

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Meant to add if you agree with a strike, the strikers love if you drive by and honk or otherwise show your support.

If you want to join in, just park your car and join and start walking. They will often have water or snacks for those who are participating. They will hand you a picket sign if you want one.

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My husband has.
He thinks it can be a giant waste of time but sometimes necessary.
I can sympathize with strikers when wages should be increased per inflation or when a company reneges on it’s contract.

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Yes. And to this day I will not knowingly cross a picket line.

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No but I been in a riot.

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Yes. But only because it was by the students on our college’s corruption issue and a successful strike that day would have meant a pass to get out of the gates and go out to eat with my friends.

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