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If you are currently working from home, do you miss going in to work?

Asked by jca2 (8637points) 3 weeks ago

Today on TV, one of the commentators who is currently working from home said she misses going in to work. She said she misses her colleagues and she needs a little time away from her kids, although she loves being with them more.

If you are currently working from home, do you miss going in to the office or work area that is not at home?

I will talk about my feelings in a while. I don’t want to taint the comments.

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I have worked from home for the past few decades but I do miss going to work related events.

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My job has periods of inactivity where I still need to be available but don’t have an immediate task. When I was in the office, I could go out on the trading floor and socialize with people who were not active at the moment. I miss that.

I miss being in the city and going out to get lunch, or coffee, or on a slow day going out fora long walk.

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Personal interactions and diverse conversations are missed, but the compensations far outweigh any downsides starting with the horrors of commuting. Just the rigors and expenses, time wasted, everything from dry cleaning and tailoring, through shoeshine and lyft bills have vanished. It’s expensive to work. But then again, the discipline and routine of the hustle keeps you sharp and maintains the necessity for focus. But I bet the lockdown has been a revelation for many regarding the obstacle course that is the rat race. Why run it if you can avoid it?

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To echo Maynard G. Krebs – Work??

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I’ve switched a few times in my career from going to work to working from home and vice versa.

I miss the personal interaction when working from home, and I miss the visual aspect when I worked in retail stores. However, working in an office severely lacked visual aesthetic, and home is far more pleasing than looking at an office wall in almost every case.

The luxuries gained working at home far outweigh the personal interaction or visual aspect I have appreciated while working outside of my house. Saving money on clothes and gas. No commuting. Healthier food, because I’m not eating so much restaurant food. Plus, deducting office space on my taxes. I don’t know if people can take that deduction if they are on payroll, I’m self employed. A percentage of my utilities and deducting part of my internet and phone expense.

With my jobs at home I’ve been able to have a more flexible work schedule also, but some work from home positions are not like that. I like the flexibility. I know some people thrive on a rigid schedule, but I’ve never liked that sort of regimen.

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Not currently working, so it doesn’t really apply now, but I mostly have worked in sales and retail and restaurants, so being at home would mean not working.

Just curious, why do you think mentioning your feelings would “taint the comments”?

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My feelings are that I love working from home and I don’t miss going to work at all. There’s a lot I like about working from home – not commuting, sleeping better, able to get stuff done during the week day instead of either taking time off work and rushing to an appointment or doing errands on the weekend.

@canidmajor: When I ask a q here, I often try to hold my comments until after a while. For example, I wouldn’t ask a question about Trump’s response to the virus and then use it as a platform to rant about my feelings about Trump’s response to the virus. Some people will ask a question and then argue with every person who feels differently than they do.

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But specifically, @jca2, why do you think your feelings about this subject, this question, would taint the comments?
Why mention it at all?

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@jca2 GA for your response to @canidmajor. You are a beacon of reasonable participation….

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@canidmajor: I’m not going to debate about why I mentioned it, at this point.

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I’m not working from home, but yes. I miss the routine of going into work.

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@zenvelo: After recent months, I’m feeling like life is too short to argue about a lot of things. I pick and choose.

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Mild curiosity, sorry.

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Drat- it’s too late for me to taint this thread, so I’m not gonna post anything else here. ;-o

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Taint away @Incoherency_ ! Good to see you.

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I do and I don’t. I teach, so I certainly miss seeing my students in person. Other than that though, I’m perfectly happy to be at home.

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Last time I “went in” to work was maybe 8 years ago. No I don’t really miss it. I miss the people a bit.

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