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Are there any stores near you where that little bell rings when you open/close the door?

Asked by ucme (49333points) 1 month ago

Is that chime welcomed by you?

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Yes, I hear that when hit my head on the overhang.
It is not welcome.

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@lucillelucillelucille I was unaware the munchkins opened a business thereabouts!

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@ucme -I travel by pogostick.
It sucks when I get stopped in the doorway.

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Yes. They don’t bother me, but the doors which open to a beeeee-poh tone drives me nuts.

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@Patty_Melt Don’t they just…grinds on my nerves too!

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I don’t remember which stores, but yes, some stores have the chime when you open the door.

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There are 2 which come to mind.

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Yes. Most of the shops have them.

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Our post office and our dry cleaner both have them. I like them as they alert the workers someone is there and needs service. (These are real bells, tied to the door handle, not electronic beeps or chimes.)

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@tedibear Yeah, those are the ones I was after, love a good old dingly bell.

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Yes! These are the stores that sell a single stick of butter for $1. I support local businesses. There is one just a block away from me.

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Just happened when I walked in a leasing office for an apartment complex yesterday.

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