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What was hung/stuck/taped on your bedroom wall as you grew up?

Asked by ucme (50037points) March 3rd, 2020

Younger siblings

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My sister’s David Cassidy poster.
She taped it over my Winston Churchill centerfold.

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@lucillelucillelucille It was those two fingers that made him so erotic, girls just went crazy!

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A poster of James Taylor.

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@ucme -T’was his attitude!

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A poster of classic movie stills.
A model of the Apollo command module and the LEM.
A model of the starship Enterprise, and a Klingon warship.

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I had so many posters of my football team, players, club crest etc.
Quite a few other sports stars as I recall, not a single sexy girl on bike image to be seen.
Girls held no interest to me until I was around 14/15, was all about my sport & music too.

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As a toddler, a portrait my mom did of me all in pencil. She had me pose pointing my finger. When she finished with me, she put a sparrow on that finger. I thought it was super cool. When we moved, she made me leave it on the wall. Somebody bought the farm just for the land, and the house was demolished.

We moved a lot after that. I didn’t adorn my walls much. When I was sixteen my parents split. Single mom and three kids, we moved into an ugly, drafty little box house. I had a project going nobody knew about. The stack grew until I was sure I had enough.
I was into cool full page magazine photography. You know, the stuff which accompanies stories or long articles, also ads for perfume and the like. Mostly it was Cosmopolitan. They had some great photographers back then. I had a few posters, and a few filler pictures I liked, including a couple of cuddles from Playgirl. I shut myself in my room for an entire weekend with Peter Frampton, Boston, and Queen blaring. I wouldn’t answer my door, and it had a slide lock. I ate only when everyone else was asleep.
I had discovered that I could use glue stick on the wallpaper, and it would stay stuck, but peel right off if I wanted to, without leaving any marks. During that weekend I hung over four hundred fifty pictures and posters on the walls and ceiling. I collaged the entire room. I hung poptab chains from asymmetrical points on the ceiling, of various lengths. My black light made them look like purple stars in a night sky. When I emerged, my mom looked like she was a little surprised to see I was still alive.
One of very few compliments she ever gave me was that she thought what I had done was really cool.
One day, mom told me grandma was going to visit, and wanted to see this spectacle she’d heard about. I went through the Sears catalogue and found men in the same poses as the ones I put up from Playgirl. I cut around the clothes and like paper dolls, glued them over the top of my nekkid fellers. They were easily removed later.
When we moved out I left it all. I thought when the landlord showed the house people might ask him if the mental patient died there.

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Poster of Jaguar D-Type in British Racing Green and a Jaguar E-Type in White. on the other wall.

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A Rambo poster

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We lived in so many places when I was growing up that there is little or no way to remember.
One thing I do remember was this plastic wall decoration my older brother got for Christmas one year. It was a collie (dog) thing where the white plastic tray thing had these depressions that were filled with glue, then filled with small stones or plastic bits that provided color to the picture. Then it was hung on a wall. I have a picture of those days and this thing is hanging on the wall in the living room. I remember being so impressed at my brother’s abilities at so many things.

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I have never really hung anything on my walls. I have the painting Dog did of my cat but that is it.

I just generally don’t like stuff on my walls. But I mostly lived in rentals during my teens and didn’t want to make holes in the walls. Security deposit Yo!. So maybe my poverty guided my decisions when it comes to wall adornments.

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My dad had a major case of OCD, so I wasn’t allowed to mar the walls with posters or anything else!!! When I moved out this is what went up not long thereafter. After that, my dreams were a LOT more pleasant!!! ;}

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That was one of the posters I had up. ;-) Easy on the eyes.

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