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Has the threat of "Novel Coronavirus" or Covid-19 caused you to change your habits in any way?

Asked by jca2 (16392points) March 5th, 2020

Has the threat of Coronavirus caused you to stockpile anything or to change your habits in any way?

Are you limiting going out in public or traveling? Are you stockpiling food or paper goods?

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Yeah, I’ve stopped watching TV (news shows).

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Washing my hands a bit more. I am much more conscious of touching things like the pole on the train this morning.

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I bought a 10lbs bag of rice, some canned veggies, a bunch of dried beans and some bouillon. My wife teases me and calls me a “prepper.” For me the concern would be limiting my exposure by avoiding being in public except for work/home in the event of a pandemic.

I’m not expecting The Stand or anything, but in VA our grocery stores get ravaged with even 1” of snow being forecast. If my paranoia doesn’t bear fruit, I’ll be making a big pot of soup/chili this fall and donating the rest of it to the food bank.

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Caused me to think of how often I touch my head and it’s a lot, from rubbing my eyes, scratching my nose and so on.
As for stocking up we all ways have lot’s of TP in the house and tons of canned goods.

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I am much more conscious of touching public objects. I use hand sanitizer often now. I wash my hands every chance I get. When I’m commuting on the bus, I work very hard at not touching my face.

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Not yet. I’ve always been a frequent hand-washer and hand sanitizer-user. If it spreads more widely and they start canceling classes here, then I guess some habits will change. For now, I’m carrying on as usual.

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I was always into hand washing and bring my own liquid soap to work (I prefer the nice scent). I was never into hand sanitizers but have some on hand.

I went to Costco on Saturday and got a big thing of toilet paper and then went yesterday and bought more. I have a lot of food in the house.

I figure if something happened and I had to self-quarantine, I could have a friend drop stuff off and leave it outside of my house if I had to go that route.

There are about 10 cases of the virus about 5 miles from my job. A neighbor of the first active case is the coworker of my good friend, so it’s close to home, literally.

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I’ve begun to bathe my nipples in lukewarm honey!

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We have 13 confirmed cases here in BC but right now they are not in any near by towns or municipalities, but that could change n a second the way this thing is moving.

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We went to Costco today for a regular run, everybody is nuts. The whole toilet paper thing is out of control. My daughter has UC, and I have intestinal scarring from radiation, so we have already been discussing alternative possibilities. Yuck.

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Nope, and I work with the public. I’ve always washed my hands and I’ve always grabbed those sanitizer wipes to wipe the handle on the cart when I’m out shopping. This is nothing new for me. I’m one of the few people in my department who isn’t sick right now.

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Avoid being in crowded areas especially when its not necessary, carry hand sanitizer, clorox bleach wipes while at work and keep up with daily vitamins to keep my immune system healthy and strong.

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