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There are at least 90 million people born each year, so the amount (in 2020) that die are less than that. (I would guess at least 45 million.) The numbers of those dying each year will increase until just after the beginning of the next century when the population of the Earth is expected to level off at about 11 billion. (According to UN estimates.)

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Let’s see.
There’s child birth deaths.
Both the baby and the mom, sometimes.
People falling from ladders.
I had a friend who died of a brain aneurysm.
There’s cancers.
Bee stings in people who are allergic to bee stings.

Maybe others can complete the list (or die trying)?

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Everyone dies.

The human mortality rate is 100%

You may think this is sobering, you may think I am being snarky because of course you knew that. But seriously. Everyone dies of something.

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But most of us hope it’s of natural causes by old age, NOT a premature illness that could have been prevented .

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“old age” is not a cause of death. Neither is ‘natural causes.’

It seems to me, @SQUEEKY2 that you are still implying Trump is responsible?

When Trump instituted the first travel ban from China in late January, and affected persons were placed in quarantine, Joe Biden called him xenophobic, China was saying the move was racist, and the democrats were saying Trump was manufacturing a crises to deflect from the “impeachment.” You are truly sorry souls.

The hype that has been stirred actually will have dire effects on the world economy, and although there is no vaccine yet, this virus may have already gone around in December and January but not enough was known about it to diagnose it as anything than another virus.

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Trump isn’t responsible for this illness of course not, but did you know the us turned down the W H O that offered the states test kits that he totally dropped the ball on because the kit the states had wasn’t reliable and is responsible for that screw up, saying that people with mild symptoms will even go to work,really can one be so fucking dumb?
This virus is extremely contagious and people that have lighter symptoms can easily spread it to co workers and one of them may not be so lucky.
And gee people die from old age all the time so I would chalk that up to natural causes.
But keep defending The Don Father wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

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Ironically, you seem to trust the advisers of Trump, but if Trump says it, you don’t—or it;s Trump;s fault,

And no, ‘natural causes’ sounds pretty in an obituary, but any nonviolent death is natural causes, and not the cause of death, Stroke, heart failure, various illnesses, are.

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A life of good health and then death after brief illness would be a good way to go.

A long drawn out sickness for decades would not.

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